>-|- Let the rain fall -|-

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It rained today… The leaves got drenched… Flowers shed their skin… My pet ran out of the house…

She played a while in the rain then came for my company. The cute pug did force me to play a game. They all want us to play. I wanted to make sure if anybody notices us playing in the rain because I am a renegade.The same old street and these new lamps don’t stop me to scoop over those golden days. Touch me not dear fellow friend for you are far more precious than your buddy. The intention and the attitude which was carried upon got lost in the long run. The stars and skies looked same old way.

It rained today. In the spell I got reminded of a love story. Do you remember the first time when you proposed to a guy/girl? Do you remember the first time you were asked to share a cup of coffee? In your eyes when he/she sparkles, the incomplete sense of the ‘complete’ gist is been painted. Like we all paint when the chirpy birds fly so low above the sand where we stand. Like the cherry fruits hang as it’s going to kiss the soil. Some of our dear writers tagged me as a ‘melancholy romantic poet’. I have been over rated and every time I come to post in something here, those love stories do pop up in my mind. Wish I could write them. But I have been in a fairy-tale. I played my part very well. The romantic soul in me was born and dead. It was fun. For a windmill doesn’t need to be told to whirl along with the breeze. All it got to do is just whirl.

Time again proved that I’m an insomniac. This day it rained. I stood alone in the street and saw the new lamp. It’s the same Old Street. Those old cars and the wet road slipped my mind with fond memoirs. I haven’t dreamt for a long time.

Hope to have a sound sleep. World has come stand still. The simple things in life are just to demonstrate. Don’t use it. That’s how the mentality has gone. I should stop here. The more I continue, the more I’ll get slip in thoughts. The more I’ll perish in words.

Before I sign out…

It rained today… The leaves got drenched… Flowers shed their skin… My pet ran out of the house… And she played in the rain…


>Would you sketch my face? `~`

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Few days ago when I stood still on a cliff

Few minutes later when I slipped downhill
I go all the way down, down and down
My heart beat stopped and this pale face…

Few days later when I reached a new place

Few minutes later when I saw an angel
I went along with her, to dine and wine
My heart beat and she felt my pulse oh so,

Soon as I reached the kingdom, my name

Soon as I saw my name on the list and oh,
Let this be forever and I feel so good,
These days and those dreams kept me alive

Years later when I saw a face in the book

This face in the book was my reflection
And the sun burned one of its leaves
And now I see the face in the book lost…

When the autumn leaves shed, brook flows

Walking in the rain like no one is seeing,
I may find it again and would you join me?
I may find it again and won’t you miss me?


>Mind is a ‘Gambler’

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As I glance through this ‘Crystal’ piece, there lies this photo which was taken a long time back. I wonder how it appeared all of a sudden but my memory played a ping prick along with the course of the road. I didn’t feel like stretching my hands nearing to the picture but my memory pulled me back like a sudden outburst where I stood in front of my college along with the cheer leaders all set for the march past. It was fun… Those were the days I captained this club where I had only intention to win. Never wanted to loose any game but we were like at the last position. I wanted things to speed up. Come on, I am not too tall but not that short as well and the people who stood behind me had lots of hope. They gotta run…

Leading a team to victory is fun but it’s like… “Together we stand, divided we fall”. The scenic around the college was as usual calm and pretty. There was a cloud that forms every morning when I get up. Indeed a scene that you would love the most when you like stuck with ‘blues’ in ‘thoughts’. Somewhere behind the boundaries I got caught up with the idea of being ‘Hitler’. I don’t think being ‘Hitler’ didn’t give me the results that I have expected. And here comes the cricket match where I see lot of young talented players gliding to be a part of it. When the list was out, the space which those young eyes anticipated for got lost on an island. In search of love and peace, I did compromise a bit to make them happy by making them a part in the team. Oh yea, that sounds like a deep course to the memory lane staring at this picture. We came quite close to the winners at the sports meet. If at all the points were just a few which could have maintained provided we win the march past, it was like a distant dream. That’s destiny said one of my friends.

Alas, from the last position to reach second was kind of a great achievement considering the fact that we gave our best. The winners gave their best too. We aimed for the sky and they aimed for the moon. I see this lad next to me puffing as though the life in him is been taken by the smoke he takes. I wish if he had stopped, the stamina would have been a contribution to the Indian team. Oh yes, he is a talent.

While receiving the accolade, my mind went blank… The beauty around the globe just ruined my psyche. The mist around me played a hymn along with the dancing branches waiting for spring.

A photo certainly did pull me back to 6 years ago where I was the person who used to entertain others. I kind of miss it.

As I stretched my hands to take this photo, I found the Chairman of our college smiling at me while giving the accolade. As I flipped the photo, the note which says ‘God Bless’ by one of my friends left me in gag. A photograph can truly take back to where it all happened. In a way it’s the way a mind works.

…And I say Mind is a ‘Gambler’.


>— 00 : 27 —

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Its past 12 and I sit on this couch

My T.V and few channels oh so,
It’s a sport and I’ll see you play
Maybe you have one more break…

Backyard, while you lay lonesome

Butterflies, you see them ballet
These fresh fruits and flowers,
When the fog falls and foe fades…

Some days, when you see the stars

At times, when they beam and wink,
The skies and your love, so fresh
This autumn and your mental print…

Its past 12 and I sit on this couch

Its game and you will see me play
Life is game where you got to prove
And you got to stand on your feet…

Its 27 minutes past midnight and,

I talk to my mirror image oh so,
When the sky remain calm and,
Where the moon still breathe…


It was a rainy night. I stepped out of my house in my leather jacket. Lights flashed like they want to burn me alive. Its 27 minutes past Midnight. Where am I heading towards in this rain where the street looked so empty and night looked so young?

Taking long steps and hiding from the rest, there has to be a narrow way to be in a state of mind called ‘loner’. I have decided to step outside to get drenched and to seek the rays that burst out from the misty clouds. We lovingly call it as dawn. I loved yesterday. Because many of us thought our troubles were so little and today it’s more than ever. Sometimes to swim when we have no urge to fly is fun. Because at times our passion needs to be polished with lot many desires to fly and it got to be the same with swimming as well. I opt to swim. While swimming across the stream I found the water cold like an iceberg hitting my foot so hard. In a way it was very important for me to swim across the stream since I saw the other side green. Green is fun. But it wasn’t all green when I reached. For all the efforts I took to reach the other side has come to a point where I feel so sorry. I wished if the rain which washed the dust on my jacket was much better than the icy water hit on my feet. These are the random thoughts of a shuffled mind. Just as I stay on this island where I could hear a sweet voice from a hill, I stood numb. Her voice was so soothing that I wanted to scream out. But I was tired and for a moment I felt I was a different person. I slowly walked. I didn’t care who she is or didn’t bother from where this nightingale was singing from. I walked and the voice seems to reflect the obstacles on the way which confused me for the direction.

“She is so sweet oh so,

She is so sweet and I,
Love… to see her…”

I finally reached the destination. She was beautiful in a red dress that blew my mind off. When my eyes met hers and the minute she smiled at me, the heaven poured… The skies sparkled out their eternal emotions. And when she said “The other side is not green always”, I could only smile at her. I didn’t have anything to talk but I just replied back with a gaze. Perhaps that was the best reply I could give her. For all the efforts I took to reach the other side has come to a point where I feel so good. I guess everything happens for good. She knew that I am a strong man. I never knew that I would meet this stranger who would become so perfect for me from this island.

“Like a wind, when you come…

For all the lovely scenes around,
It’s just you and me…”

Silence always spoke louder than words… It was understood… I walked closer to her… I took her by the hand and walked back to the place where I stepped out last night. Its 27 minutes past Midnight. Where am I heading towards in this rain where the street looked so empty and night looked so young? Now, I know it for sure… We are going back to see the dawn together… We are going to live, staring at the downpour, wishing each other ‘good day’.


>A leaf from the loner’s log…

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Once I knew there was Europe and I used to flip through the calendar hung on the wall to see the beauty of Alps. And the icy water which give us splendid reasons to beam. The place where I came from had none of them.

The farmers in our field used to chatter a lot about current affairs and the things surrounded by their lives. As they talk about it, I sit and dream about the Alps and icy water. Like a loner as I free my soul to glide through them, I never knew that the day I dreamt would come alive. The year was 2007, April I took a flight to Switzerland. Am I going to explore the beautiful scenic in the calendar I flipped through long time back? It used to dance along with the breeze. Like a drifter, I explored the places and it was fun.

Fun… Is there anything like you got to stop me from dreaming? This is not fancy but it has come alive. Strangers passing in this street and I see many faces, pale face? I am not too sure about it but then like me, they crossed the streets thinking we could actually exchange souls. Sunshine and it’s a mere reaction to nod when we meet our eyes with someone but then I saw them stood steady. Sometimes they looked so straight not knowing what got to be done. Have you been to snow? Like gliding through the hills, slipping on to the icy water and when you too tired to move, lying down on those pastures? But loners are we. Aren’t we?

Talking to myself in this cold shell and I met couple of kids in a place we fondly call as ‘Panoramic express’ where most of our ‘Romantic’ movies been shot. I been a loner didn’t find a need to talk but then while traveling in the Euro Rail, there was a lady sat next to me. She has got a baby with her and I could see myself through her eyes. It’s like reflections of love. I love babies. They are innocent and adorable. For a moment I was stunned by the beauty of this beautiful place taking off my eyes from the baby, loving the nature, like I always do! Nature at its best and I could see a leaf from my calendar been pictured at this very spot.

There is something about the people out here. Are they all loners? I said hello to this beautiful lady who sat beside me and as we started talking about our cultures, interests, about Switzerland I was quite fascinated to explore the myth behind being a loner. Am I going to tell you all if they truly are eccentric loners? You see, this lady says the people in Switzerland don’t socialize much and they prefer not to settle down there since nobody is happy with their personal life. They prefer to move out from the place since the suicidal rates are higher than most of the other countries. I don’t know how true it was but then this lady was divorced. She was in Malaysia and came back a week back and prefers to be exploring the nature. We were talking and I saw this baby staring at me as though she is a part of the conversation. She was so adorable and with her mother’s permission, gave a kiss. She smiled at me and don’t you think she was too cute? Loners are they… Like me who prefers to stay away yet to discover life and love for the nature. My friends and I used to drive long ways to explore them.

And the day when I reached on Alps, I realized ‘Dreams’ are for ‘Real’… And once I knew about Alps and today I am on top of the same place. The same place I once explored through the calendar. Well, I am a loner… I love to dream…

And as I step on to the icy water, like a deja vu… a leaf from the loner’s log has come to an end!!


>I had a gun… And I chose a pen…

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In the mist of hectic schedule I listened to couple of songs that did no good to me. As it was playing, a song shuffled and that classical song took me to a different world. I had a gun… and I chose a pen instead! I felt the need to write an obituary note to my dead soul rather shooting my own image which I saw in front of me. What I see is me and what you see is you! In a fairy tale like river Gangus, I eloped through the hills and villages… My memory plays here an important role as I pen down few notes in my diary and lost them during a calamity.

I see some eyes here… They just popped out to see the reason behind the replacement of a Gun with a Pen. Long time back when I was down with fever, I happened to see a fleeting glimpse. But it didn’t stay longer, not even in my mind… I should have sketched the vision on a piece of paper or rather tattooed it along with the heart shaped box called ‘memoirs’. It didn’t happen. Hard way through the course of this stream as you may call it as ‘life’ made me an immortal soul. I do enjoy it. Now, I have lost the peace of writing poetry and these reviews or diary posts made me feel like a hunter in the wilderness. I wish to take a gun and to write a note saying ‘when you have to shoot… shoot and don’t talk’. Oh, well that doesn’t happen.

Down the memory lane where I see pearls lying on this rough patch, I picked this dry leaf. It was so dry that I could just break it and send it along with the breeze. I didn’t do it. I walked further to set a mark to turn back and see how further I have reached in the journey of life.

It was a summer vacation. My flight was on time and landed on the Arabian soil. I was always excited to see my Parents. I love my Mother’s food. She cooks Fish and Prawns for me. I always loved it. I still love it. As days passes by, the routine changed a bit and it was time for me to return back to India. I guess that’s the worse part in life. You know I always miss them because I love them. I had to take this flight to India where it was from Saudi – UAE – India. I got my tickets booked through one of our relatives and ‘trust’ is something very important. I learned or perhaps learn everything that takes place in my life. So this wasn’t exceptional too. I reached UAE on time and found that the next flight to India was only by next morning. I don’t know. They didn’t provide me a hotel to stay. I had to be awake the entire night. Maybe I should have enquired my relative before taking the ticket, rather than trusting him blindly. Oh, I should have since the ticket was issued from him travel agency. And do I need to tell you the shock when I realized the tickets were over priced? There were only thoughts dancing in my mind. It was bit difficult for me to stay awake the entire night and I saw many people like me lying on the floor just to reach their native. I was one among them. I didn’t want to let my parents know about it since they are going to get hurt because they love me. A lot…

The first thing I wanted to do was to call him up and let all my frustrations out. But thinking over the situation, it’s not going to help me at all. I had a gun… but I didn’t use it… I guess my tongue is not lesser than any gun. I didn’t find the need to use it.

But I wrote a note saying… ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’. I had a gun… And I chose a pen!!


>…and I’m gonna paint the sky in dark wine!!

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In this month of April, when I see the reviews and posts overflowing, there has to be something innovative. I wanted to portray characters out of my imagination and send it across to all my ‘perfect strangers’. Those were the days I used to fly kites. My grand father used to make them and I used to run through the fields along with the kites. At times I used to feel so light that the kite used to carry me along with it. Back in 90’s where I had a lesson in literature about a kite man. Mind keeps shafting thoughts and I get so shattered by the emotions in them.

– Do you remember the first time you rode cycle?
– Do you remember the last time you sketched something?
– Do you remember the first time danced in the rain?

Long time ago when I used to write diary, there was a little spoke about the things that popped up in my mind. I never wanted to write my heart out since I wasn’t confident enough to keep it along with me. What if? ‘If’ always scared me. If anybody would flip through the pages and see what kind of person I am or what do I pen down!! These were the thoughts that let my inner self sink so deep like a fish drowning in a bowl. While playing cricket or when I play soccer in the same field I used to look up the sky praying for the dark clouds to fade off along with the breeze. Rain is fun… But it never used to bother us from our game. We still used to play… There are few things that I always wanted to learn. And I am glad that I could paint my dreams so as to see them cherished on the long run.

– Have you ever felt like being someone whom you admired?
– Have you ever felt like playing guitar along with the beats?
– Have you ever felt like swimming like a fish in the pool?

There are many thoughts that run in my mind like a distant ship cruising to the west. That reminds me of my first flight journey. I was very scared because I didn’t know anything about flying. In fact I had a strong urge to fly along with those birds… This is something which I always wanted to write… For how many years have I known about these wonderful creatures of God…? For how many years have I known about this beautiful world…? For all the good things I want to thank and wish if I was one among them… First things always thrill you… First time when you learn something… First time when you fail and then accomplish the task, it’s a thrilling experience. I remember the day when I was trying to learn swimming with my friends help and drowned to death. If he was not there for my rescue, then I wouldn’t have been here penning down. This happened in the same field where I used to fly kites. This happened in the same field when it was filled with water during monsoon. This happened under the same sky… and I’m gonna paint the sky in dark wine.

…and I’m gonna paint this sky in dark wine!!


>~Crescent moon thy art been kissed~

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Crescent moon let me kiss you…This is the world where we look up to and when the moon shines above us in this dark night, we swing along with the course of sparkling stars. High above the sky where we find little stars shining above on this lovely night, I say shine on my daring devils. And this is mighty power of a warrior who threw his sword when he got a call from the king. This is the eternal myth of a martyr when the land sunk with this water course towards us and I say aaaah!!

Strange…doesn’t it sound strange? I have become comfortably numb. Now, the beat goes through my veins and I am taken back to a world where it was all dark and I quite often used to meet my reflection. Crescent moon… okay, just hang on there. This is what we know about you. I know… You can shine above the dark blue sea… Is it time for you to fade? Don’t you think I will miss you when the light gets off? Years ago when I was a child, I used to see déjà vu. Days later when I turn around and look, I miss you so bad… I can see the world in blues and black. I know it was hard when my memory takes me back to the wonderland where I had to elope from Arabia during a calamity between the inhabitants.

Don’t you know the scene where I saw an infant dying in front of me while they play with those mighty weapons in the reflection I saw through his eyes? I see… I see you confused and wonder what reflection I saw through their eyes. This is the nasty world I have seen through my eyes. I see those wicked people chopping this fellow buddy’s body. They got to be careful. Come on, I guess life is like a fortune cycle. Whatever you do, will be reflected upon your acts. I say, at any point of time. I was taught this lesson when I was small. When they offered me a chocolate and it was snatched by the person who stood beside them. The person was old for me. I could have had it… I was bit worried but then later when this person was admitted into the hospital due to food poisoning, I never knew that God did save me from death!! Why you think, when things go wrong and criticizing was the only option to defend on? Seems like finding a cute cat in a dark room, when there is no light and we are blind.

Today I am a star and tomorrow when I see myself on the pebbles, it becomes ‘Yesterday’. Perhaps, one should believe in yesterday. The days we spent and the route we crossed to reach this 6ft land. Oh okay, that reminds me of an incident where this friend of mine had dreams about tomorrow. He was talking about his future plans and the days he was advising to be a ‘smart’ person like he was. I am sipping my hot coffee and as I recollect those memoirs, I have just a drop of tear to tribute him for the friend he was to me. He died. It was straight and aaaaaah… I have nothing more than my love for you friend. You had great plans but then you left me alone thinking about your unfulfilled dreams. Walk me across the water… hold me by thy hands. Walk and I am the warrior but I was always scared of the king. King the Lord who gifted me life is been the ruler since life was invented.

Don’t you think its fun to watch mermaid? And have you thought about living a life worth while for the shadow been drawn all the way? Magnificent!! Those days and few nights were magnificent. I see those faces in front of me holding their hands together… Holy hand… Holy Words… Friends… This is the life where I always wanted to be in and this is the world where I love my parents. My Father… My Mother… You are my world. And I am a writer and I need no words to seek. I need no words to speak. This is magnificent. I am a writer and I spread these colors on to the words and magnificent. While my ink is over flowing with words and when its time to end this note, I kiss the crescent moon who listened to this tale.


>That was the day I first got bit by an ‘ant’…

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That was the day I first got bit by an ant. Ah, does it give a thought to note… I know nothing about History… I know nothing about Science… I was weak in Maths… I still use my fingers to count the figures.

Did you know… There is something which I experienced at a very young age. I never had too many friends or still have no such ‘best’ friends in life. I always prefer to be that way because I find a lot of leisure time being alone. Like a loner I drift around and touch those pebbles lying along which of course is precious than normal stones. Finding a friend is an art. Finding a true friend is a ‘magic’.

I once met with an accident where few people who was surrounded to spot if I’m still ‘breathing’. Once I knew a bit about ‘humanity’ and the minute I opened my eyes, I found few human beings surrounded by me in the hospital to see if I am ‘smiling’. I tend not to pick words from legends and spill my ideas on to them. If that was the case those humble souls surrounded by me would have got lost on an island. I looked at them, said those two beautiful words. “Thank You”. I hope it must have reached their soul and touched their hearts.Sinking deep in thoughts, this cell phone and those emails doesn’t make any sense to me. How I wish if there was something called ‘Time Machine’ which would take us back to those days and re-act the scenes which needed to be edited! Funny thoughts… Randomly strikes the chord in me and I say, ‘Yesterday’. It’s gone and tomorrow is the future. Who am I today? Am I going to be singing the same lullaby tomorrow when the dawn breaks out of the clouds?

Slipping through the pages in my memoirs, I found a note very touching. It was in a place called ‘Prakashapuram’ that this scene got stamped on to the book of memoirs. Prakashapuram is a beautiful place and of course a village. There was this Akka (Sister) who used to prepare Tea, Noodles and Egg Sandwich for us. Once when the boring classes gets over, we run like a sprinter to accommodate the only ‘one’ bench at her Tea stall. We had a rule to take ‘out-pass’ from the warden to cross the boarder. All of us were (are) young… So the intention was to break the rules or quite often we were tempted to bend them.It was those days where we had the option to go for jogging early morning and I too was inspired by many sport stars in our college, decided to start being a fitness freak. As the dawn breaking down from the clouds, spreading lights on this sleeping child, I too joined the rally… The thrill of crossing boarder… From the topic if I am allowed to divert, then I must say the cricket match between India and Pakistan was always fun to watch. It’s always fun to watch them at the mess where food was served because the study time used to get cancelled. Come on, it’s India and Pakistan!!

Gliding from the match and joining the jogging session I had a glass of ‘milk’, yes they (Sports stars) used to drink it so do I! There are many things to admire and I must say the mist being a treat to watch, my eyes met up with an unusual incident. There is an orphanage located beside the tea-stall I mentioned before. And I see an infant lying in front of the orphanage waiting for someone to just hug and whisper, ‘You are not alone’. It’s a sad scene… It did touch my heart a lot… Why are they Orphans? Why do they have to be in a world where people stamp them as ‘Orphans’? Come on, they aren’t Orphans.I guess the jogging session did come to an end on that day… I believe there are many who have had experiences like I did. I came… I saw… I believed… Neither the mist nor the scenic beauty around left me in bliss… The vision that came across me did leave a scar on to my heart…

The child in me did smile in vain… Because… Nobody is alone… Alas… Nobody is…

Did you know…That was the day I first got bit by an ‘ant’… The ant called ‘humanity’