>…and I’m gonna paint the sky in dark wine!!

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In this month of April, when I see the reviews and posts overflowing, there has to be something innovative. I wanted to portray characters out of my imagination and send it across to all my ‘perfect strangers’. Those were the days I used to fly kites. My grand father used to make them and I used to run through the fields along with the kites. At times I used to feel so light that the kite used to carry me along with it. Back in 90’s where I had a lesson in literature about a kite man. Mind keeps shafting thoughts and I get so shattered by the emotions in them.

– Do you remember the first time you rode cycle?
– Do you remember the last time you sketched something?
– Do you remember the first time danced in the rain?

Long time ago when I used to write diary, there was a little spoke about the things that popped up in my mind. I never wanted to write my heart out since I wasn’t confident enough to keep it along with me. What if? ‘If’ always scared me. If anybody would flip through the pages and see what kind of person I am or what do I pen down!! These were the thoughts that let my inner self sink so deep like a fish drowning in a bowl. While playing cricket or when I play soccer in the same field I used to look up the sky praying for the dark clouds to fade off along with the breeze. Rain is fun… But it never used to bother us from our game. We still used to play… There are few things that I always wanted to learn. And I am glad that I could paint my dreams so as to see them cherished on the long run.

– Have you ever felt like being someone whom you admired?
– Have you ever felt like playing guitar along with the beats?
– Have you ever felt like swimming like a fish in the pool?

There are many thoughts that run in my mind like a distant ship cruising to the west. That reminds me of my first flight journey. I was very scared because I didn’t know anything about flying. In fact I had a strong urge to fly along with those birds… This is something which I always wanted to write… For how many years have I known about these wonderful creatures of God…? For how many years have I known about this beautiful world…? For all the good things I want to thank and wish if I was one among them… First things always thrill you… First time when you learn something… First time when you fail and then accomplish the task, it’s a thrilling experience. I remember the day when I was trying to learn swimming with my friends help and drowned to death. If he was not there for my rescue, then I wouldn’t have been here penning down. This happened in the same field where I used to fly kites. This happened in the same field when it was filled with water during monsoon. This happened under the same sky… and I’m gonna paint the sky in dark wine.

…and I’m gonna paint this sky in dark wine!!


  1. Executive Wife

    >This post is really spiritual in ways…just remembering moments of freedom, flying – swimming. I can tell your G'Pa is your inspiration…as he should be.

  2. N J

    >Yeh sweets 🙂 He is my inspiration… At times, i do miss him badly… but yeah, i'v learned a lot from him… thanx 🙂


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