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Crescent moon let me kiss you…This is the world where we look up to and when the moon shines above us in this dark night, we swing along with the course of sparkling stars. High above the sky where we find little stars shining above on this lovely night, I say shine on my daring devils. And this is mighty power of a warrior who threw his sword when he got a call from the king. This is the eternal myth of a martyr when the land sunk with this water course towards us and I say aaaah!!

Strange…doesn’t it sound strange? I have become comfortably numb. Now, the beat goes through my veins and I am taken back to a world where it was all dark and I quite often used to meet my reflection. Crescent moon… okay, just hang on there. This is what we know about you. I know… You can shine above the dark blue sea… Is it time for you to fade? Don’t you think I will miss you when the light gets off? Years ago when I was a child, I used to see déjà vu. Days later when I turn around and look, I miss you so bad… I can see the world in blues and black. I know it was hard when my memory takes me back to the wonderland where I had to elope from Arabia during a calamity between the inhabitants.

Don’t you know the scene where I saw an infant dying in front of me while they play with those mighty weapons in the reflection I saw through his eyes? I see… I see you confused and wonder what reflection I saw through their eyes. This is the nasty world I have seen through my eyes. I see those wicked people chopping this fellow buddy’s body. They got to be careful. Come on, I guess life is like a fortune cycle. Whatever you do, will be reflected upon your acts. I say, at any point of time. I was taught this lesson when I was small. When they offered me a chocolate and it was snatched by the person who stood beside them. The person was old for me. I could have had it… I was bit worried but then later when this person was admitted into the hospital due to food poisoning, I never knew that God did save me from death!! Why you think, when things go wrong and criticizing was the only option to defend on? Seems like finding a cute cat in a dark room, when there is no light and we are blind.

Today I am a star and tomorrow when I see myself on the pebbles, it becomes ‘Yesterday’. Perhaps, one should believe in yesterday. The days we spent and the route we crossed to reach this 6ft land. Oh okay, that reminds me of an incident where this friend of mine had dreams about tomorrow. He was talking about his future plans and the days he was advising to be a ‘smart’ person like he was. I am sipping my hot coffee and as I recollect those memoirs, I have just a drop of tear to tribute him for the friend he was to me. He died. It was straight and aaaaaah… I have nothing more than my love for you friend. You had great plans but then you left me alone thinking about your unfulfilled dreams. Walk me across the water… hold me by thy hands. Walk and I am the warrior but I was always scared of the king. King the Lord who gifted me life is been the ruler since life was invented.

Don’t you think its fun to watch mermaid? And have you thought about living a life worth while for the shadow been drawn all the way? Magnificent!! Those days and few nights were magnificent. I see those faces in front of me holding their hands together… Holy hand… Holy Words… Friends… This is the life where I always wanted to be in and this is the world where I love my parents. My Father… My Mother… You are my world. And I am a writer and I need no words to seek. I need no words to speak. This is magnificent. I am a writer and I spread these colors on to the words and magnificent. While my ink is over flowing with words and when its time to end this note, I kiss the crescent moon who listened to this tale.

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