>I had a gun… And I chose a pen…

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In the mist of hectic schedule I listened to couple of songs that did no good to me. As it was playing, a song shuffled and that classical song took me to a different world. I had a gun… and I chose a pen instead! I felt the need to write an obituary note to my dead soul rather shooting my own image which I saw in front of me. What I see is me and what you see is you! In a fairy tale like river Gangus, I eloped through the hills and villages… My memory plays here an important role as I pen down few notes in my diary and lost them during a calamity.

I see some eyes here… They just popped out to see the reason behind the replacement of a Gun with a Pen. Long time back when I was down with fever, I happened to see a fleeting glimpse. But it didn’t stay longer, not even in my mind… I should have sketched the vision on a piece of paper or rather tattooed it along with the heart shaped box called ‘memoirs’. It didn’t happen. Hard way through the course of this stream as you may call it as ‘life’ made me an immortal soul. I do enjoy it. Now, I have lost the peace of writing poetry and these reviews or diary posts made me feel like a hunter in the wilderness. I wish to take a gun and to write a note saying ‘when you have to shoot… shoot and don’t talk’. Oh, well that doesn’t happen.

Down the memory lane where I see pearls lying on this rough patch, I picked this dry leaf. It was so dry that I could just break it and send it along with the breeze. I didn’t do it. I walked further to set a mark to turn back and see how further I have reached in the journey of life.

It was a summer vacation. My flight was on time and landed on the Arabian soil. I was always excited to see my Parents. I love my Mother’s food. She cooks Fish and Prawns for me. I always loved it. I still love it. As days passes by, the routine changed a bit and it was time for me to return back to India. I guess that’s the worse part in life. You know I always miss them because I love them. I had to take this flight to India where it was from Saudi – UAE – India. I got my tickets booked through one of our relatives and ‘trust’ is something very important. I learned or perhaps learn everything that takes place in my life. So this wasn’t exceptional too. I reached UAE on time and found that the next flight to India was only by next morning. I don’t know. They didn’t provide me a hotel to stay. I had to be awake the entire night. Maybe I should have enquired my relative before taking the ticket, rather than trusting him blindly. Oh, I should have since the ticket was issued from him travel agency. And do I need to tell you the shock when I realized the tickets were over priced? There were only thoughts dancing in my mind. It was bit difficult for me to stay awake the entire night and I saw many people like me lying on the floor just to reach their native. I was one among them. I didn’t want to let my parents know about it since they are going to get hurt because they love me. A lot…

The first thing I wanted to do was to call him up and let all my frustrations out. But thinking over the situation, it’s not going to help me at all. I had a gun… but I didn’t use it… I guess my tongue is not lesser than any gun. I didn’t find the need to use it.

But I wrote a note saying… ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’. I had a gun… And I chose a pen!!


  1. Executive Wife

    >I must say this was a fav of mine…I get the idea of the story…it makes me ponder the idea of reaction. But your story is deep…I want to know more.

  2. N J

    >Yeh dear 🙂 I'll for sure write more. thanx


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