>That was the day I first got bit by an ‘ant’…

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That was the day I first got bit by an ant. Ah, does it give a thought to note… I know nothing about History… I know nothing about Science… I was weak in Maths… I still use my fingers to count the figures.

Did you know… There is something which I experienced at a very young age. I never had too many friends or still have no such ‘best’ friends in life. I always prefer to be that way because I find a lot of leisure time being alone. Like a loner I drift around and touch those pebbles lying along which of course is precious than normal stones. Finding a friend is an art. Finding a true friend is a ‘magic’.

I once met with an accident where few people who was surrounded to spot if I’m still ‘breathing’. Once I knew a bit about ‘humanity’ and the minute I opened my eyes, I found few human beings surrounded by me in the hospital to see if I am ‘smiling’. I tend not to pick words from legends and spill my ideas on to them. If that was the case those humble souls surrounded by me would have got lost on an island. I looked at them, said those two beautiful words. “Thank You”. I hope it must have reached their soul and touched their hearts.Sinking deep in thoughts, this cell phone and those emails doesn’t make any sense to me. How I wish if there was something called ‘Time Machine’ which would take us back to those days and re-act the scenes which needed to be edited! Funny thoughts… Randomly strikes the chord in me and I say, ‘Yesterday’. It’s gone and tomorrow is the future. Who am I today? Am I going to be singing the same lullaby tomorrow when the dawn breaks out of the clouds?

Slipping through the pages in my memoirs, I found a note very touching. It was in a place called ‘Prakashapuram’ that this scene got stamped on to the book of memoirs. Prakashapuram is a beautiful place and of course a village. There was this Akka (Sister) who used to prepare Tea, Noodles and Egg Sandwich for us. Once when the boring classes gets over, we run like a sprinter to accommodate the only ‘one’ bench at her Tea stall. We had a rule to take ‘out-pass’ from the warden to cross the boarder. All of us were (are) young… So the intention was to break the rules or quite often we were tempted to bend them.It was those days where we had the option to go for jogging early morning and I too was inspired by many sport stars in our college, decided to start being a fitness freak. As the dawn breaking down from the clouds, spreading lights on this sleeping child, I too joined the rally… The thrill of crossing boarder… From the topic if I am allowed to divert, then I must say the cricket match between India and Pakistan was always fun to watch. It’s always fun to watch them at the mess where food was served because the study time used to get cancelled. Come on, it’s India and Pakistan!!

Gliding from the match and joining the jogging session I had a glass of ‘milk’, yes they (Sports stars) used to drink it so do I! There are many things to admire and I must say the mist being a treat to watch, my eyes met up with an unusual incident. There is an orphanage located beside the tea-stall I mentioned before. And I see an infant lying in front of the orphanage waiting for someone to just hug and whisper, ‘You are not alone’. It’s a sad scene… It did touch my heart a lot… Why are they Orphans? Why do they have to be in a world where people stamp them as ‘Orphans’? Come on, they aren’t Orphans.I guess the jogging session did come to an end on that day… I believe there are many who have had experiences like I did. I came… I saw… I believed… Neither the mist nor the scenic beauty around left me in bliss… The vision that came across me did leave a scar on to my heart…

The child in me did smile in vain… Because… Nobody is alone… Alas… Nobody is…

Did you know…That was the day I first got bit by an ‘ant’… The ant called ‘humanity’

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  1. Javeed Ahmed M

    Was the Ant Red or Black or Way too many in Shades….

    The Only Ant I know is the Apache Ant ..LoL

    Welcome to the Colony of Humanity!!!


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