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Once I knew there was Europe and I used to flip through the calendar hung on the wall to see the beauty of Alps. And the icy water which give us splendid reasons to beam. The place where I came from had none of them.

The farmers in our field used to chatter a lot about current affairs and the things surrounded by their lives. As they talk about it, I sit and dream about the Alps and icy water. Like a loner as I free my soul to glide through them, I never knew that the day I dreamt would come alive. The year was 2007, April I took a flight to Switzerland. Am I going to explore the beautiful scenic in the calendar I flipped through long time back? It used to dance along with the breeze. Like a drifter, I explored the places and it was fun.

Fun… Is there anything like you got to stop me from dreaming? This is not fancy but it has come alive. Strangers passing in this street and I see many faces, pale face? I am not too sure about it but then like me, they crossed the streets thinking we could actually exchange souls. Sunshine and it’s a mere reaction to nod when we meet our eyes with someone but then I saw them stood steady. Sometimes they looked so straight not knowing what got to be done. Have you been to snow? Like gliding through the hills, slipping on to the icy water and when you too tired to move, lying down on those pastures? But loners are we. Aren’t we?

Talking to myself in this cold shell and I met couple of kids in a place we fondly call as ‘Panoramic express’ where most of our ‘Romantic’ movies been shot. I been a loner didn’t find a need to talk but then while traveling in the Euro Rail, there was a lady sat next to me. She has got a baby with her and I could see myself through her eyes. It’s like reflections of love. I love babies. They are innocent and adorable. For a moment I was stunned by the beauty of this beautiful place taking off my eyes from the baby, loving the nature, like I always do! Nature at its best and I could see a leaf from my calendar been pictured at this very spot.

There is something about the people out here. Are they all loners? I said hello to this beautiful lady who sat beside me and as we started talking about our cultures, interests, about Switzerland I was quite fascinated to explore the myth behind being a loner. Am I going to tell you all if they truly are eccentric loners? You see, this lady says the people in Switzerland don’t socialize much and they prefer not to settle down there since nobody is happy with their personal life. They prefer to move out from the place since the suicidal rates are higher than most of the other countries. I don’t know how true it was but then this lady was divorced. She was in Malaysia and came back a week back and prefers to be exploring the nature. We were talking and I saw this baby staring at me as though she is a part of the conversation. She was so adorable and with her mother’s permission, gave a kiss. She smiled at me and don’t you think she was too cute? Loners are they… Like me who prefers to stay away yet to discover life and love for the nature. My friends and I used to drive long ways to explore them.

And the day when I reached on Alps, I realized ‘Dreams’ are for ‘Real’… And once I knew about Alps and today I am on top of the same place. The same place I once explored through the calendar. Well, I am a loner… I love to dream…

And as I step on to the icy water, like a deja vu… a leaf from the loner’s log has come to an end!!

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