>Mind is a ‘Gambler’

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As I glance through this ‘Crystal’ piece, there lies this photo which was taken a long time back. I wonder how it appeared all of a sudden but my memory played a ping prick along with the course of the road. I didn’t feel like stretching my hands nearing to the picture but my memory pulled me back like a sudden outburst where I stood in front of my college along with the cheer leaders all set for the march past. It was fun… Those were the days I captained this club where I had only intention to win. Never wanted to loose any game but we were like at the last position. I wanted things to speed up. Come on, I am not too tall but not that short as well and the people who stood behind me had lots of hope. They gotta run…

Leading a team to victory is fun but it’s like… “Together we stand, divided we fall”. The scenic around the college was as usual calm and pretty. There was a cloud that forms every morning when I get up. Indeed a scene that you would love the most when you like stuck with ‘blues’ in ‘thoughts’. Somewhere behind the boundaries I got caught up with the idea of being ‘Hitler’. I don’t think being ‘Hitler’ didn’t give me the results that I have expected. And here comes the cricket match where I see lot of young talented players gliding to be a part of it. When the list was out, the space which those young eyes anticipated for got lost on an island. In search of love and peace, I did compromise a bit to make them happy by making them a part in the team. Oh yea, that sounds like a deep course to the memory lane staring at this picture. We came quite close to the winners at the sports meet. If at all the points were just a few which could have maintained provided we win the march past, it was like a distant dream. That’s destiny said one of my friends.

Alas, from the last position to reach second was kind of a great achievement considering the fact that we gave our best. The winners gave their best too. We aimed for the sky and they aimed for the moon. I see this lad next to me puffing as though the life in him is been taken by the smoke he takes. I wish if he had stopped, the stamina would have been a contribution to the Indian team. Oh yes, he is a talent.

While receiving the accolade, my mind went blank… The beauty around the globe just ruined my psyche. The mist around me played a hymn along with the dancing branches waiting for spring.

A photo certainly did pull me back to 6 years ago where I was the person who used to entertain others. I kind of miss it.

As I stretched my hands to take this photo, I found the Chairman of our college smiling at me while giving the accolade. As I flipped the photo, the note which says ‘God Bless’ by one of my friends left me in gag. A photograph can truly take back to where it all happened. In a way it’s the way a mind works.

…And I say Mind is a ‘Gambler’.

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