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Few days ago when I stood still on a cliff

Few minutes later when I slipped downhill
I go all the way down, down and down
My heart beat stopped and this pale face…

Few days later when I reached a new place

Few minutes later when I saw an angel
I went along with her, to dine and wine
My heart beat and she felt my pulse oh so,

Soon as I reached the kingdom, my name

Soon as I saw my name on the list and oh,
Let this be forever and I feel so good,
These days and those dreams kept me alive

Years later when I saw a face in the book

This face in the book was my reflection
And the sun burned one of its leaves
And now I see the face in the book lost…

When the autumn leaves shed, brook flows

Walking in the rain like no one is seeing,
I may find it again and would you join me?
I may find it again and won’t you miss me?

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