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Sunday, May 5, 2009 . 4 comments . Posted in General


It rained today… The leaves got drenched… Flowers shed their skin… My pet ran out of the house…

She played a while in the rain then came for my company. The cute pug did force me to play a game. They all want us to play. I wanted to make sure if anybody notices us playing in the rain because I am a renegade.The same old street and these new lamps don’t stop me to scoop over those golden days. Touch me not dear fellow friend for you are far more precious than your buddy. The intention and the attitude which was carried upon got lost in the long run. The stars and skies looked same old way.

It rained today. In the spell I got reminded of a love story. Do you remember the first time when you proposed to a guy/girl? Do you remember the first time you were asked to share a cup of coffee? In your eyes when he/she sparkles, the incomplete sense of the ‘complete’ gist is been painted. Like we all paint when the chirpy birds fly so low above the sand where we stand. Like the cherry fruits hang as it’s going to kiss the soil. Some of our dear writers tagged me as a ‘melancholy romantic poet’. I have been over rated and every time I come to post in something here, those love stories do pop up in my mind. Wish I could write them. But I have been in a fairy-tale. I played my part very well. The romantic soul in me was born and dead. It was fun. For a windmill doesn’t need to be told to whirl along with the breeze. All it got to do is just whirl.

Time again proved that I’m an insomniac. This day it rained. I stood alone in the street and saw the new lamp. It’s the same Old Street. Those old cars and the wet road slipped my mind with fond memoirs. I haven’t dreamt for a long time.

Hope to have a sound sleep. World has come stand still. The simple things in life are just to demonstrate. Don’t use it. That’s how the mentality has gone. I should stop here. The more I continue, the more I’ll get slip in thoughts. The more I’ll perish in words.

Before I sign out…

It rained today… The leaves got drenched… Flowers shed their skin… My pet ran out of the house… And she played in the rain…


  1. (Executive Wife) Giuliana Isabella

    >Beautiful NJ!

    I feel this is about you…just you well and her (the Pug). I could be wrong but if this is how you see life, than I look forward to reading and seeing it through your eyes. Even if for only a few paragraphs at a time. I can live with that. It's more than I could see before.

  2. N J

    >i know dear… i was kinda lost while writing this… i love rain… fog and yeh, it makes me dream 🙂 Yes, it's about me 🙂

  3. Sajina

    Nj! Loved it….. The 2nd para….. So beautifully written….. Just made me remember some of the best moments in my life…..

  4. sajina(chinnu)

    i am reading this for the fourth tym….and i love it……evry wrd….


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