>Do you believe in fairy tales?

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Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you…?

I remember few tales been told to me when I was young. Well, I’m still young. So are you!! While listening eagerly to those tales, I often got lost in and as one among those characters who enacted them.

Long time ago when I spent my days with my grandfather, which is of course one of the best times I ever had, have soothed my ears to listen to more of them. He used to tell me stories every night when I used to go to bed. There are few stories I keep chanting myself when I go to bed since I lost my grandfather couple of years ago. But, have you been to a fairy land where kings used to rule and their majesty was all in our talks? Have you…?

I remember scribbling a review on ‘Tinkle’ and many of my friends who were with me at that point of time laughed at me uttering, ‘N J is still a kid’. Oh yea, the extreme thoughts in my mind never had any argument left for those murmuring souls. Now, here I play a song that keeps repeating and it does echo my displeased heart which is wanting for more of them. Oh, all my life I have been talking non-sense and here I’m proving myself to swap a character with one among them. I kind of want to scream at them ‘I’m the echo of your past!’, at any cost if I happen to meet any of them. There was a time when I used to get back from school, a bunch of students used to discuss about ‘Horror Movies’. It never freaked me out…But the isolated place where I used to reside, built up a set for me to get involved in those tales. The school bus used to drop me at an isolated land. While carrying that heavy bag and taking short steps to reach my house, I used to get petrified by a tree that stood so tall staring at me. It used to freak me out… I used to run hard to reach my home but then, somehow, something used to pull me aside. My heart beat used to chase the rain drops that tickled the dry sand. The smell of fresh soil and the hungry creeps did give me a hard time to get over with the tales that they narrated.

Today while flipping through the leaves in my diary, it was all fun. The days and nights spent in there was one of the best times I ever had. Now, I play a song that talks about them and it goes like this…

There was a king who ruled the land.

His majesty was in command.
With silver eyes, the scarlet eagle
Showered silver on the people,
Oh Mother, tell me more…

And I’m going… Across the stream with wooden shoes… bells to tell the King the news…

I believe in them… Do you…?


  1. workhard

    >Hey.. i like to listen to fairy tales…

    BTW.. still love tinkle…
    its so refreshing..

    Like the way u write..

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  2. N J

    >My grandfather used to tell me a lot of them 🙂 long long time ago… that's how he used to start! 🙂


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