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Wednesday, July 7, 2009 . 2 comments . Posted in General


Alone in the mirror when I huff

Away they stay, caged in mirage

Around the twelfth hour, I frown

for hose as when my lips ran dry

Away they stay, the world and I,

ran for the human race and died,

for the same blood in me as theirs

didn’t cross riches and pride

Now, I rant, rove, bleed, burn…

So I love you and hate myself for

being so outrageous to this evil,

weird bigots who rule the globe

There is hatred, the soul bleeds

in me have departed a while ago

Now you smile, smell, hear, tear,

and die like me for being crude

To say the least in worthless,

To hell with all generations

To hell with caste, creed

And to hell with prejudice

Never, ever utter truth my ally

Never, ever let your soul fly

Never, ever strive too hard and,

Never, ever strain too much…

Now, let the rain fall and heal

your wounds and the woes,

Let it fall out from your heart

And let’s live in love serenely…


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  2. N J

    >…and they never come to any conclusion… sad but true!


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