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Young face, bright face

Shower praise, show face

Some stay, and few say…

Words that thrust hard

Words that cut loose

And it’s time, its chance…

So, strike it for who you are

Strike it for what you are

Let your dark circles aside

Let your dark shades aisle

Young face, pale face

Shower praise, show face

They lost hope…

 buried them alive

And time never gave chance

Chance was all they needed you are

So, be free for what you are

Let the past leave them alone

Let them know that they live

I hear bells ringing from a shore

These cells burn to flee the martyr

And I am he; he never want to be me

I wish to be away and alone

From the fame and love I had once…

Now I hear my voice echo from the hill

Strike it for who you are, what you are

And the lost souls shall be cared by the rest

And, I’m leaving to an island, to be away

And, I’m leaving to an island, to be alone

Alone I will live… alone I will die…

And the memoirs in me shall be buried along…


  1. ~Nisha~

    >Its just that i feel i can connect to the poem…. i dont know whether its true but the words seemed to come straight from your heart…. I will be back here to read this again…sure about that…i dont have to say anything about your language – i have already told you i am envious about your vocab and the way you use it…

  2. Esther

    >That was a very good poem. I'm not really good at it. But you are my inspiration on this! =)

    Looking forward to read more! =)

  3. Esther

    >Blog rolling you!! =)

  4. Laxmi

    >Lovely da… Simply Beautiful…

  5. N J


    Thanx for being here 🙂 Nah, do not feel worried about tomorrow 🙂 Everything is gonna fall on track! 🙂

  6. N J


    How you doing friend? Glad to see you in here 🙂 Well, i'm humbled by the statement you made. Cheers!! 🙂

  7. N J


    Thanks dear 🙂 Smiles `~`

  8. workhard

    >Its very nicely written..

    So, be free for who you are

    So, be free for what you are
    my fav lines..

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  9. N J

    >thanx… yep. just act the way ah feel like… worth it!

  10. (Executive Wife) Giuliana Isabella

    >For some reason, I am inspired to cry…in a meaningful way. To let something out within me. Was that your intention?

  11. N J


    Yeh dear… but not to make others cry but to let the bygone tales die within… through these words 🙂

  12. (Executive Wife) Giuliana Isabella

    >Huh, interesting response.

  13. N J



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