>Angels in hell…

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I’m a little child locked in the clock room
And this rope and string fall from the roof
I see birds and clouds through the pane
And I can’t help that bleeding bird, sigh  
I’m a little child who climbed the stairs
And these stairs look so scary, my Lord
I see heaven from hell through this pain
And I can’t go back to where it all begin
Now, there is a look in my eye and I moan  
For I see no choice given but to bleed out
Hence I bleed until the last drop left within
In vain it goes through the words of hope…


>Memories… they live forever ‘n’ ever…

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I have been staying in this dark room for quite some time. This silence speaks louder than voice. It’s been a while since I spoke. There is nobody around…

I love my childhood. Those days were fun… I got this video to show how exactly my life was when I stayed in a picturesque village with my grandfather. He is no more. Ever since he left this world, I never had any interest to visit that place which gifted me with fond memories. These flowers will dry and fall… Those rivers will stop flowing… All of us will rest in peace… But… Memories… Yeah… they do live forever…

Today, I got back to the world where I was surrounded with friends and flowers… Ah, Okay! Let the music speak… I shall sit in a corner and watch it peacefully…


>…that lighthouse

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These bells tell the blissful tale
There we see mirage on walls
Away she stood, across the vale
Like a princess dressed so good
To bid bye along with her prince

These wings tell the wistful tale
There we see our lives on sand
Away he stood, across the stream
Like a hangman waiting for us
To bid bye along with the memoir

And the lighthouse that we see
And the golden ray that we feel
All the way from start to end
All that we feel, all that we see
Comes to an end when the race end
…all that we see comes to an end


>~ A dream to sketch ~

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Do you see what I see?
Do you feel how I feel?
Have you been to a dream land?
Have you been in a fairy tale?
Here I sit and paint this dream
To see the sky, kiss the stream
To feel the icy hose chant for joy
And let the frozen rain fall from up
Did you see what I sketched?
Did you feel like how I felt?
And have you been to a dream land?
Now, would you live in a fairy tale?


>Dream On… Dream On… Dream On…

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Two days ago I was thinking a lot about this song. Yeh… about life… dreams… long gone days and those breathtaking moments we had once… But, it’s not all over yet… Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take us away… Until then dream on… Dream on…


>~ ~ ~ The Color Of Sky ~ ~ ~

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That sky knows it all, from the start to end

In her eyes I see sparkling stars, charming

When these strings pitch a song to our past

Oh, the same dark blue sky in yellow shade

Ah, all we know is about reflections of life

All we feel is what’s been given and taken

And we all rest under the same sky, blue sky

Sigh, they are proud of this fragile globe,

And these darkness clouds around us soon

Alas, we all have nothing but six feet to brag

If and only if humanity had lone meaning,

I would have painted the skies in yellow…


>¶ About a dream

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¶ Last night, I had a dream. In my dream a pretty face drew closer to me. There was pin drop silence and it was just both of us. There were times I was threatened by the shadows of night…Those nights were colder and I don’t quite remember the last time I dreamt of something remarkable. Here I glimpse a beautiful world, where the quotes mentioned on a craft did tempt, seduce and hugged my lonely soul…so softly…

And it read “You are entering a mysterious and fascinating world of dreams where the rules of reality do not apply”

Reality is bias to what we act upon. So does the dream that thrive from a heart that wishes to live a life worth for mankind. I remember reading somewhere stating that a dream unifies the body, mind and spirit. How well you think if your spirit did blend with your mind when a dream took you away to a distant hill to let you rejoice in harmony? Such a long question has got a simple thought, yet perplexed, and at times leaving a blank illussion to fill the space.

Firstly, I have no clue about body, mind and spirit. Secondly, I don’t remember most of the dreams that I see. Thirdly, I really get frighten by a golden face that visits me rarely.

¶ Last night I had a dream. It was a dream wherein a pretty face led me across the land where I stayed. She was so sweet… so calm… so real…

For once, I wished to live forever… For once I wanted to dwell in the present… For once I wanted to be under the same sky where birds chant, rivers roll and skies pour…
The red dress she wore did lighten up my spirit… mind… and while taking me across the street, crossing lanes and shops, I saw a black coated mask behind the church symmetry. The symmetry had the number 666 on it. The pretty face glanced through her big brown eyes to confront the terror that she saw on my face. She wanted to see me in high spirits… Did I just passed by a sign of life?

I know not… I know nobody other than the charming girl who took me away from my sleep to this Island where it’s just both of us… I can hear no bird chant… I can see no star above us… There is hush around the place…
As when we reached the shore, she took me by the hand showing a way to cross the island in a boat. We paddled across the beach… At times, silence can break your heart… And the young lady who showed me the way is glaring at a distant hill… Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but her silence… It doesn’t hurt me… But it’s s-c-a-r-y… I kind of felt silence had the LOUDESTvoice…

The darkness around me did jolt me a bit… My wits been withered in silence… I just wanted to get back from here… The girl was still staring at the distant hill and as when we reached the other end, she beamed at me. I got out from the boat and when she was walking in front of me, I noticed a number that’s tattooed on her left arm. That number…

Just before I could even scream, I ran back and …

*** Dreams are not complete… And my dream ends without any conclusion. 



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When we smile, weal and wail

On our way to wield the shield

Some may say their waves out

Whilst we confer no converse

Hence the names wither, oh awful

Fence the unseen, unheard, and unfelt

Rinse your mind, soul and spirit

Howl the bowl when it overflows

Wolves’ wool been used for us

Where all of us are been used

Break the rules, shake the ground

Wake the fools, bake their brains

Fake the wound, feel the pain

Roll the scenes, bury them away…


>~ ~ Endless Desire ‘n’ Broken Promises ~ ~

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My brain shower thoughts like the rain

When this mind set its journey to the past

Alone, avid and vivid they become known

Red lights in the moonlight and cold gust

Oh so far away from fall and down we go

Alone we go; along they come, among all

When they gaze at me and phrase on me

A line that carved on my heart thrust into

And my soul is bleeding, weeping for light

A Light for right as truth stays bright, white

And my psyche comes back to the present

Oh the world seems to be old, wild, weird

Wired all the way since start to the end

These frames been moved and crushed

Dreams been thrown, desires been piled

Oh wait; ah hold on, life must go on… on…