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When we smile, weal and wail

On our way to wield the shield

Some may say their waves out

Whilst we confer no converse

Hence the names wither, oh awful

Fence the unseen, unheard, and unfelt

Rinse your mind, soul and spirit

Howl the bowl when it overflows

Wolves’ wool been used for us

Where all of us are been used

Break the rules, shake the ground

Wake the fools, bake their brains

Fake the wound, feel the pain

Roll the scenes, bury them away…


  1. Anju

    >Insecure dogs strange title but a very beautiful poem… yes in this world we are so busy & insecure with r life tat indeed v need to Rise our mind, soul & spirit…

    Very well written 🙂


  2. N J

    >Yeh dear, it's a strange world… strange… Oh well… we gotta live and hey, just act upon what your mind insists 🙂


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