>Let the reason be Humanity…

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It was as usual a cold morning… The dawn burst out through the pane to tickle me awake. All these days I have been dreaming a lot. That sky knows it all. My dreams and reality at times blend for awe struck illusions. Hey, hey, hey, am I supposed to think different? Hey, hey, hey, isn’t it the other way? Those were two questions been exchanged while glaring at myself in the mirror to say Hello/Bye.

Two long days made whole lot of difference to the way I foresee things. I think it made a lot of changes in the outlook towards my society. This diary might not entertain many out here since it’s not a poem, experience or anything related to music. It has to be something that all of us think or would have thought at least once or more than that. Inward questions are something which makes us pen or whisper, and let it reach through the lonesome hearts. You know it’s true…

All the things that you seek will have two reasons. Maybe tomorrow the same ideologies that you search for will get back to you. Oh yes, that’s life…

The person in front of me is none other than my mirage where I see him through this pane. I know that the only person who understands or rather encourages me is the person I see in front of me. That’s me. Of course, it’s me. Long gone days beckon the warm tomorrow, where I changed my belief in an optimistic manner to stamp the fact that I can make a difference… to this world… the place where I live and the society that I belongs to…

Yes, I can! That makes a lot of difference. It took me almost twenty six years to get it right. I can! Yes, I can… and I’ll…

You know it’s true and all that we see turns out to be for our own good. Well, that’s how we spread our positive energies. Ain’t we?

Long lived my grandfather once when he was late for a meeting, stated regretfully that he will never ever show up his face to the crowd who waited for him. Words… Oh well, he taught me all that… I remember him today for his hard work and those values that he taught me. I know nobody can forget the way he/she has come up in their lives. We all look back and see how at one point of time they all seemed so hard for us… on us… But, yes we have crossed the seas, thorn fields and have reached heights of the distant hill that wistfully looked at us one point in time. Life, changes so fast. It’s a matter of time…

Dream… Oh, that’s very important said my grandfather. He dreamt a lot. He wanted to take his driving license at the age of sixty five and he did achieve all his dreams until the last moment in his life.

Today, at this very moment, I discard everything for humanity… I believe I can make a lot of difference to the society that I live. Today, when I look in the mirror, I see a smile on my face. Today, I have decided not to look at my past. Today, I believe all of us can make a better tomorrow… Together we stand… All these small things for sure will make a lot of difference… Dream on…We never know if tomorrow belong to us… Fight for a reason… Let the reason be Humanity… 


  1. Anju

    >After reading ur post the one thing came in my mind is the movie range de basanti…. its very inspiring bhaiya to find the real you & the purpose u serve in life is very difficult task…. the day each n individual finds their purpose in life is the day we do good to humanity

    Lovely post!

  2. ..pAnKHuRi..

    >You have been awarded 🙂
    Check my blog 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

  3. N J


    Well said 🙂 thanx

  4. N J


    Thanx dear 🙂

  5. (Executive Wife) Giuliana Isabella

    >To give back…that's the key to life. Where I live, it's work, work, work. It's nice to escape and think beyond yourself. Like this. Also NJ, I think you are on to something…

  6. N J

    >I'm on to something… true 🙂 You sound like someone who knows me very well! Hmmm…


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