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Long, long time ago… This is how my grandfather used to tell me stories… Hold on! I’m not going to talk about a fairy tale in here… This is not a fiction too… It happened… sigh!!
There was an era, I always wanted to travel down to India, educate myself to be one among the millions in ocean who wished alike. So when my name topped up in the list to choose where and when to leave from Saudi Arabia for further studies, I browsed through Google… To opt for a place where I can set my prospect… The page at last took me to a hill station which, of course, is as beautiful as you are… When I say beautiful, it’s not about the object what you see through your eyes. It’s something beyond that… Days passed by until a fine dawn enthralled me with those fruitful memories which were yet to discern. So, I packed my bags and flew down to India
I have always wanted to let you all know about the life that I lived. But, it wasn’t as painless as you may think when the experience (most) haven’t got any optimistic thought in it and had been ascended from no man’s land to nowhere… When the mind tickling moments you cherished at your prime, will be only there in your heart as a stroke, which could either prick or sooth while seeing similar occurrences… Ah, that may mar at times…
The education began… There were friends to share ills and wells… Time flew… Nature as always touched all of us with her everlasting grin in the form of rainstorm… fog… and unceasing breeze that made us blind…
That was the time we had a new joiner in our college. His name was Jobin and we called him Jo in short. As the days passed by, we became best of friends who could share about anything under the sky and above green pastures that seemed like carpet. Jo and I were in the same class though we had different set of friends in hostel, which was located on another hill. That reminds me of my hostel room that stood face to the cheek of clouds that descended upon our roof. To err is human, but the avowal can never be used at any cost when it comes to nature. It’s for obvious reasons that, God have created it so wholly that nothing could ever compete with her magnificence.
Time flew… Just like those birds flew for their new nest… Rains fell… from a hole in the sky that looked like it was just for us who stayed in Paradise Hills… Like the name, it was truly a paradise…
We lived there for 3 years and when we were in our final year, something happened. ‘Something happened’? That statement is not right…
On a Monday, when I was getting ready for my classes and while searching for my shoes, Jo rushed in to my room. I looked up to him in awe and asked him the reason for his pale face. He, on the other side showed me his bleeding face and asked if blood is a good sign. I never had any answers for it… I have always thought about many things in life but the sign of blood? That remained as a question mark to me. But, in life, there are always a lot of signs. Sign of love… Sign of care… Sign of affection… Sign of fear… Sign of blood? You see, that last sign was alien to me until I reached the college, thinking about it like a rambler searching for oasis.
The professor started his lecture on Discrete Mathematics and I could see Jo scribbling something on his book. He looked ill. Suddenly, someone from somewhere passed through a message to the professor that I have been asked to meet the Principal. I was in a way happy to flee from the class, since I always had a problem with Math’s. I walked through the corridor; thinking reasons behind him asking me to surrender, whilst, ‘sign of blood’ stood motionless in my mind…
Principal looked disturbed… While penning this very doom, I shiver, akin to how I did at that very moment when principal revealed the news that, Jobin’s dad passed away…
He asked me not to let him know until we reach his place… I didn’t know how to react… He spoke about his Father and his dreams a day before this demise…
I went along with him… He never knew that I had been told about this by the principle… I took him to his native, saying his Father is not keeping well… I can still see Jobin’s crestfallen face the moment he saw the black flag nearby his house… Something that pricks my heart, saying…, life is too short… there is nothing to boast about… to feel proud of… anything could happen at the very next moment… it’s only a matter of time…
World is beautiful… We are just a drop in the ocean… In the end, we live for once… Let’s live in harmony…


  1. Giuliana

    >Wow NJ, you just answered a few of my questions in my email to you. That is really a sad story! I am sorry seems appropriate but a hug that lasted for hours seems much better. I hope you know that I care.

  2. Manju

    >this is terribly sad 🙁
    i'm really sorry for your friend

  3. ritika


    dat was very touching… i dunno…
    was dat blood a sign of something bad..oh,nt actually bad,,worst…. ???

  4. Girl Meets Gun

    >The way you write is beautiful, even in a state of sadness. I am so sorry for your friend.

    But it is nature's way, and we all grow from the hardships that we go through. Especially in those years. They seem worse than even childhood because emotions are finally fully maturing and developing and not so out of control crazy.

    Great post, NT. 🙂

  5. Wez

    >You have a way with words! It kept me rooted to my seat until I finished reading the whole post. Beautiful rendition but so sad about your friend's father. My deepest condolences to him and the grieving family. And kudos to you for being such a good friend. 🙂

  6. a tint of mist

    >It was deeply touching..
    True..Life is too short to waste boasting and hurting..
    feeling sad for Jo's dad.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  7. Jaunty anima

    may his soul rest in peace!!

  8. N J


    I know that you care 🙂 It was a poignant incident. The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath. True, isn't it? Thanx dear for being around 🙂

  9. N J


    Yeh… It was a sad incident. I shared the post with him… Thanx for your kind words.

  10. N J


    It was signs of blood… Well, all of us think a lot about signs… Especially in India… Yeh, sad scene… Thanx.

  11. N J


    Thanx dear… I don't know… the scene was sad… there are few things in life that we will or we should never forget. it kinda helps in facing those worse scenarios in life. 🙂

  12. N J


    Thanx a bunch. It was really kind of you to say those words. He needs it and yes, it helps me when i write them… i kinda feel relieved.

  13. N J

    >a tint of mist

    One life. One world. One people. Suddenly this globe seems to all green. thanx

  14. N J

    >Jaunty anima

    Thanx for being here. 🙂

  15. Katie Walters

    >"When the mind tickling moments you cherished at your prime, will be only there in your heart as a stroke" MY! What excellent writing.
    A compelling stor. Im sorry to hear about Jo's father. You write so well..

  16. N J


    I'm glad that you got what I meant by that line. Thanx for being here 🙂 Jo will for sure read this.

  17. Escapist

    >Thatz sad…but life is beautiful and weird as well…


  18. N J

    >You said it 🙂 Life has to move on… that's the way it has to be. thanx 🙂


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