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Have you ever taken a ride to the palace where angels reside…? Well, I have…

Palambathur is around 80 kilometers fromKodaikanal. This was not an adventurous trip to us however, as a part of National Social Service program, we had been sent to do couple of activities.It’s a village where people depend on farming to make a living. For they know nothing about luxury and live with what they reap. Farming is one of the greatest resources or rather I would say, to repay mother earth for the love we have in us for her. The short break from the college and those boring classes were an exciting aspect for us. An excitement to explore a new world…

The first few days we had spent learning about the lifestyle of the villagers. They can live, love and dream.For they sleep without worrying about the next day. Well, I have been to the places they reside. I have had food with them, shared smile and felt inventive with their approach to life. We spent our nights in the lovely cottages bounded with lots of tree and the mist that added the magnificence that quivered my heart. The spirit in me felt free when the nature poured slightly as a warm gesture of reception to their terrain. When the fog around the place thrilled to enthrall and the clouds above us reserved a lot of shower, I was on a whole different world. The wet roads, dark clouds and the foggy nights were enough for me to get caught up with the tacit magic of that world.
The land of peace, love and eternal beauty will be a blessing to many. Palambathur will remain close to my heart for the innocence of the hard working people who lives there. The cultural programs that we performed to entertain them will remain on top in my heart. The house that we built for the peasant will be a blessing to us…
Rainbows, sunsets and moonlights all were in the picture. There is a life we have on earth. We are born by choice or… chance… We are living and all of us, until we puff the last air…There are many Palambathurs in this world…
When the memoir takes me away from this summer heat, the cold breeze calls me to be with them… In the wild journey of imagination as when I look back, all you see is and all you know is how to love… I could still feel the beauty of that world. I still remember the shop where we used to have tea while fogs floated motionless in air…

They say world is small… 

…and I say, there is a world that we haven’t seen. …and I believe I can fly with these wings called memoir attached with me. 


  1. Giuliana

    >Good glimpse of a moment in time in the life of NJ…not so abstract and more of a journal entry. I like that!

  2. N J

    >Yeah, i had written this a long time ago… I guess it was more of a personal log than any usual post of mine 🙂 I still love to stick on to the abstract pattern 🙂

  3. chitz

    >The best things in life comes from the most unexpexted places…A nice post..:)

  4. Aparna

    >the way u described vividly makes me want to go and check this place…semms like it is in the lap of nature and has a mystic beauty around it

  5. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  6. N J


    You must visit this place if you are an avid nature lover 🙂


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