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Aleena… that’s all I remember… I’m turning 39 this December… all I wish is nothing but her to pick a card along with those floras to visit me… for one last time… I know not if the trumpet that you hear may reach me the next dawn…that beautiful dawn…
Long lonesome street and shaded lamps flicker, flicker around me to show the way, to reach the place where I’m all lost in the fog. Aleena stood far away from the crowd, so absurd yet dazzling… They said real people get to know each other whilst exchanging a word through their eyes… Eyes… Aren’t they the soul, mind and life? Eyes… All eyes on my eyes and I stare at her like a man dreaming in his dream… Ah, uh, okay…
Let the word reach her whilst I pass on this message to convey that I’m on my way… to reach and to play the trumpet for you…
To know her is as simple as to know ‘white’… Peace, destiny and calmness of greenery… Aleena left a long while ago to the place where her Father resides in heaven, and here I sit in to reel a dream that I had a decade ago… a decade ago when she was all mine… just mine…


  1. Anju

    >hey tats a very lovely post… i'm touched! Good write up!


  2. Vidhu .. !!

    >You have been awarded ! get back to my blog and accept it !


  3. Manju

    >this is sad 🙁
    is it fiction or real?

  4. Jaunty anima

    >Well I had to go back,…n chk ur age…n that u r not 39..does this story have an element of truth???really sad n touchy, this one!!

  5. Sharanya

    >ouch. this is what i first uttered.

    Good work there

  6. Giuliana

    >You're right, my comment must have not saved! I was the second to leave one! That's sad!!! I don't remember my complete comment. But I am curious if this is an excerpt from "Two Words" if so…I am already hooked!!! 🙂 Sorry NJ, I loved your post!

  7. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  8. N J


    Thanx 🙂 I feel honored…

  9. N J


    Both 🙂

  10. N J


    Thanx 🙂 I'm not that old but, yeah, kinda experienced the same 🙂

  11. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  12. N J


    Thanx 🙂 It's not from "two words"… i'm making it even more tragic 🙂

  13. chitz

    >good one..but kinda sad…

  14. N J

    >chitz, thanx 🙂

  15. Shirlin

    >NJ i'm a hopeless romantic so this one really git my vote…absolutely amazing write up….


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