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“Sit there my child… You will be perfectly alright… There is nothing that you would want to think of now. Just relax for a while…”
The rains fell slow, touching those dry leaves that looked weary, waiting for breeze to end its race, and I thanked the skies for the rain… ‘I’…
Rush, oh hush my baby, they are watching over you… You aren’t going to give up and all we got to do is to reach the other side of the woods. Now, I see circles around us like a ray giving chance to fly along with it, around the clouds to abide the oath that we took…
Once you said “Honey, I have no tears left in me”… “I am running short of breath”…
Until then you made me realize how easy it’s to elude the woe and hence by fixing up a pale smile on the face… Sigh… Ah, isn’t it crude to fake? Although, I don’t see anyone around me other than my own reflection on the stream beneath this valley, I take it what he said to me. He is me and I’m he! I take it… Yeah, I do…
Now my child, you turn back and see yourself what harm has thou art done to the master! The master is expressing grief through his short sad song… Now, there are chances of him flying far… through the seas and to the hills…
Once you asked “Is it okay to act as if?” and I replied so softly “No”… No…
I guess I know the answer now…these rivers dried many a time… those floras withered away… I see myself standing tall on the reflection of my eyes through the stream in here… the child has grown up so huge and he knows most of the answer to his questions… In his words, you won’t know him much but, let the mystery laze coated with love in this frail space… the child is still staring at me… I see life through these eyes… wish I ever realized the fact that it belonged to me ever since I was born…
…it’s still raining and I know that the day is nearing for me to lay my hands on those pocketful stones I treasured once… it’s time… 


  1. Anju

    >Tats an awesome post.. really really loved it…. theres some thing very magical & mesmerizing about your writing… love the way u express your views 🙂


  2. chitz

    >really good..i should say..u write very well

  3. Giuliana

    >This story makes me want to return to the time when dreaming was allowed and beliefs were hopeful. Wouldn't it be nice to have realized the control was within the entire time, to see yourself through your own eyes and not those of others. Nice NJ!

  4. anamika


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  5. Vidhu .. !!

    >First things first, This post made me "think" … I'm filled with questions right now !!

    The "I", the "child", the "he", the "master" … its all You … Can you really accept the fact that it's all you ? and that you're not trying to take the easy way – "to elude the woe" with a fixed smile? Can anyone do that?

    Could you really have so much power, so much control? over yourself?

    Are realization and acceptance the same thing??

    I wish I didn't have to cross these "woods" !! Wish !! but I know I have to !!

  6. N J


    Thanx! Appreciate your presence 🙂

  7. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  8. N J


    Dreams never die nor will it betray us… I guess, that's the only treasure we got to be proud of! At times it's good to see them all again through others eyes since we might be driven to another shore 🙂 Thanx!

  9. N J


    Thank You!

  10. N J


    I'll start from the last question… Realization is the first step to acceptance… Unless we realize it, hardly we get to accept things. well, i'm not escaping 🙂 Power is built within ourselves… All we got to do is, start facing reality… i wouldn't be saying or rather talk much about to your first question but yeah, it's all me 🙂 Thanx!

  11. Slow Processor

    >You have been awarded:
    The superior Scribbler Award

  12. N J

    >Thank you, Slow Processor 🙂

  13. Raaz

    >Hmmm….Yet another Brilliant,inspiring & touching post…NJ! 🙂 God bless you !! Keep smiling n spreading the power of joy, hope n serenity within u….to the anticipating world!!

    Love & light..

  14. N J


    Thanx! You kinda surprised me with your comment 🙂 Take care 'n' keep smiling!

  15. Pri

    >very well expressed!
    loved the clarity of thought–something which is quite rare in this muddled up world

  16. N J


    Thanks! Have a nice day ahead 🙂

  17. Neeraj

    >I don't have much knowledge of blogging, but i love the way u write posts/articles….

  18. Priya Joyce

    >simply awesome ….
    loved it..:)

  19. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  20. N J


    Thanx 🙂

  21. Sorcerer

    >wow! dude..you write soo well..
    Simply brilliant mate.
    reading it again!!

  22. N J

    >Thanx 🙂

  23. chitz

    >hey,do visit my blog,u have been tagged and awarded..:)

  24. N J

    >That's really kind of you… Thank You 🙂


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