>Art thy heart…

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 . 7 comments . Posted in General


There is silence in here… It wouldn’t have got better than this… It’s his heart…
Heart speaks a lot in silence…
Could you tell me what it speaks? Won’t you show him where it leadeth to? …an island or to the hills…?
Shine oh you bleeding soul
Vent out your feelings
Rave mate for you to make it big
Save your heart to see it sink
Across the stream, climbing hills
Heal thy scar, peel your facade
To fence the dark shades
To cleanse the bleeding soul
Oh dear, remembrance time nearby
Someday someone will remember
All good deeds thy have done…
Until then carry your heart
For it belongs to you…


  1. Mumbai Dogs

    >Rocking Blog Bro!!! Just love the way it looks!!!

    Any tips on how I could style mine too? 🙁

  2. Anju

    >True… heart speaks a lot in silence… Nice one bro!!!

  3. N J


    Thanx bro 🙂 Will help you out 🙂

    Anju: Thanx Kid 🙂

  4. Tongue Trip

    >Three things,the entire black and white look, totally love the photograph…the street …eating al fresco…et al..a picture you took maybe?
    The music is mind blowing and your writing a concoction of mellow emotions and unflawed realistic traces.

  5. N J

    >Tongue Trip

    Thanx a lot! I feel honored… The picture you see on top came along with the design… But, yeah, I really liked the theme… 🙂

  6. Lavender

    >someone will remeber AND value every bit of it
    Good karma will find you 🙂

  7. N J

    >Thanx for your kind words.


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