>The Redeemer

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There was then a little child
who craved for the blue moon
on a dark night at his doorstep
fazed by its sheer silky shade
that fell upon his roof to lighten
the spirits of a long lost magic
and a crystal ray shoved into
his heaved heart to hear its say
so softly to cease his ache, and
its glare blazed his spirits afar…


>A tale in my dream…

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A loner lurked for his vile fate

In the feral trail of a lost dale

Where he was strewed by arc

That lured him to the hazy hills

And he swam across the rills

In search of a treasure he hid

Years ago in his majestic empire

And he dug the icy thoroughfare

To rake his lost horde of shield

But flailed by the tip of a pot

In glee he then released its top

And In my dream I saw him smile…

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>Last smile to a lost friend…

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Friends can save and sate and slay us
From a marooned dark blue room
To an empty coast in a western doom
That leads us to the dotted skies
Fragile; My heart
Agony; My soul
Nasty; My mind
Friends can love and lie and leave us
Like a stranger on the border
Ranting over his panting antagonist
To an empty street where no one lives
Voyage; My vision
Quiet; My notion
Plight; My aspiration
Friends, friends, have you won the war?
*Pause* *shuts the eyes*