>Never more to roam…

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Have they started it yet? *Fire* …the war on the playground and the bloodshed… Ah, peace is a mile away where the child at the orphanage wails for food… The sudden burst of downpour cleansed the bleeding soldier’s wrecked body…
The country and the young people will be proud of him for the freedom he inherited. Freedom… Freedom to exploit… Freedom to slay… Freedom to betray… Oh my dear soldier, why have you burned your body? Oh beloved soldier, why have they left you alive handicapped?
Remember that time, white flags in the summer land… The days and the nights where those sparkling stars reflected upon the silky streams… Ah, there you had a dream; heavens spread all its haze upon you…
Now the final curtains are down… The stage is no more for you to perform. This stage was your last ground to act. The blow has ruined your dreams… There are tears in your eyes… The day was bright, and the dusk was splendid… He smiled at his only love, kissed his child and opened the doors… And the rest is history. There’s a blue song in the dark room. There she’s waiting for his return… And she waits for him, all the night, staring at the empty street, through her dusky pane…
But… the empty playground and him… Never more to roam… Never more to roam… He’s gone… She knows not… there the candles are burning… In a while, her tears will drench its flame away… 


  1. Tia

    >its a really sad thing to soldiers die….I really could picture this….its sad but its an honor to have had such people in my life :)….really liked it 🙂

  2. Jaunty anima

    >The saddest part isn't that they die…but the fact they die without a name..while they deserve the highest honor!

    Loved the end….*tears will drench the flame*…lovely picturisation!!


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