>The Morning Kiss

Thursday, May 5, 2010 . 8 comments . Posted in General


Hiss of the summer rainstorm

Spanks and congeals the pane

Flaking away my tacit feelings

Taking us to the empty shores

Where, I and you trade smiles

And whispers a verse in silence

For all the ancient tales to fade

And to sprout blistering desires

Until the dawn bursts through

And wakes us up with its gleam

Where, I and you begin the day

With a kiss, to be prized forever


>Dry Leaves

Saturday, May 5, 2010 . 3 comments . Posted in General


I tried to write

On martyrs, satyrs, and saviors

Yet failed –to note

But dreamt – in a dream

On saints, sailors, and shepherds

Basking and bragging

Years ago – ancient times

For a life ripped from seed

To sow – and saw

A pensive shore on a sheet

Glitters of yesteryear

In history – recurs

Yet dark – blues

Dry leaves – or colorblind


>One sky for all…

Saturday, May 5, 2010 . 5 comments . Posted in General


The silky moon hangs in the sky

Like a silver stone spreading ray

Upon all the inhabitants on a hill

Away from the clutches of spite

To swell up the arms of harmony

Athwart the bridge of unfairness

Streaming along in a fiery force

To blend its race in the deep sea


>Angels & demons in a dream

Thursday, May 5, 2010 . 1 comment » . Posted in General


Once I was lost on an island, in a crystal glasshouse. The glass was painted in blue, tainted with dark sketches of a once existed myth. There was then a lighthouse which stood afar the fields, across the streams. And the crystal rays from the lighthouse awakened the child in me. I, for once wanted to cross the silver streams, and reach the spark, to touch or feel. Emptiness… to fill the emptiness in me… 

Maybe, yes – true.

They never said “Impossible”. Alas, the darkness around me and the absurd myriad sketches tattooed against the glass left my spirits wander like a soul sailing for his love in the wilderness. 

Once I was in love, on an island. In that island, on that pretty stone, a sign was engraved. It read “Endless”. Irony…? Yes-true.

The dark angel in the myth had a smile fixed upon her face. In her eyes I saw the pebbles floating across the silver streams amid with the fallen stars. Stars… Moon… and the smog… When we yearn for the love of life, the spirits of any existing tales will shun away. Impossible – No, true. The dream and the grief lead the pathway filled with roses. Roses… They have whole lot of colors. 

Once I was lost on an island… The island had pretty floras… And the dark sketches had many crossroads… Every crossroad lead to a pretty lane colored in grey and green. Today, as I look back, the memories and the signs of crystal bell blathers about a better dawn… The dawn… The dawn is too near… The dawn is right here… Impossible – No, True!