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There’s sadness in your eyes. Like a river, your tears roll… In the end, the amount of love you give out is what you going to take in. True. Towards the exit you run… Another door opens… In life, you see what you wish to. All the good things sprout from a dream… And I believe in dreams. She had a dream. In her dream, I held my heart in her heart. But her love went afar – to an island. Through these sweet memoir, a sweet flaming tale smudged upon the wooden wall. These walls… if these walls could hear… or talk… the whole error would have been fixed. Today, the dreams of an ancient warrior stood still… Dreams… What exactly is a dream? What exactly is life? They said, upon all the little deeds, a sweet reward is kept aside.

Tomorrow is only seen in dreams… There’s hope… In my great grandfather’s times, I saw million warriors losing hope to the death. None. No one can ever fight against time. One man’s time is another one’s patience. No one can ever fight against time. The distant hymn I hear is my own echo. And the heart throbbing music is played by a trumpet.And when it’s played… the waving spirits of the yesteryear flashed through my deep dark black eyes… The nights and days when I used to walk miles to study… love… Ah, well… Everything flashes through these dark eyes… There’s sadness in my eyes, said my love… And years later, I ran from my love… from everything and everywhere… Life… Lost… Last… Never did last… Nothing is eternal…

In the spirits of nature’s concord, we dance. A tune that which played in the backyard has been heard every time you break down… And your train of thoughts stop. The world appears to be flat… And you lose balance… You lose the energy level to carry on forward… But… the dreams that we have cannot be replaced with the battle of heart and mind. All of us will have to go forward… There’s no stage for mistake… but it’ll make only stronger… There’s sadness in your eyes, she said. And the sadness is the spirits for humanity… But there’s also hope in my eyes… And all of us will live to love… When the distant harmony brings us the sweet melody, I smile… Like a rush of silver stream, heading towards the dry patch… Through these sweet memoir, a sweet flaming tale would guide the way… to the ones that comes after us… after I and You… until then… the fight is on… And the fight will be on… until the last moment…

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  1. Aparna

    >After so many days you've written something…

    dreamy and prosaic plot…live to dream and hope

  2. sepo

    >long time, no post huh..?

    btw a very nice post to break to monologue.

  3. N J

    >Aparna – thank you 🙂

    Sepo – long time, yes. Thank you 🙂

  4. Sajina

    Wow! When i finished reading this my eyes became wet! I didnt know that i was crying! Dreamy! Lots of emotion! Simply great!


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