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The maroon wall that you see is not my lavishness. It’s my empty heart. The dark blue sky that you see is not my love. But it’s my pain. For all the dry leaves you stepped on to is not my autumn memoirs. And it’s the spirits of days gone by. I know… you know… All the way you rant to devastate the barriers… Once the hidden wall was built on the shores of light blue aquatic. Eventually the wall that was crafted with buttress fell upon the race against the fiery sun. Like a bridge falling down, deep down… down to the unknown land… And it was assorted with the fine blue salty sluice.

The more they tried, the worse they were worried… They hard they thought, the weird it got soften. Everybody wanted to be somebody. Everybody thought to be somebody else. It all went in vain…

And the picture that you see is not my trinkets. But it dangles around my neck to spread the ray… to the one who is in need of a smile. And for the ones who are desperately in need of a shining shield. I know… you know… All the way you ramble across the empty streets in search of a dear comrade… A sweet friend who lets you be the way you are… Everybody wants to be somebody… No one thought of being the mirror image they would wanted to see… Ah, i know… you know… love is your friend… And when the strings of love beats, you may want to bleed for another life… Like a november rain falling upon your roof when you are grey and lone… Such is the masterpiece of your sound mind. 

And the maroon wall that you is not about loneliness… It’s my heart shedding tears for love… for humanity… and for candour… And when the clouds fall apart for the rain to pour, i will see the magic in your eyes… in your heart… and in your silky silver smile…

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