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It was a wintry December dawn. The empty patch was not really empty. They had those beautiful lilies shriveled across to affix its beauty. In his black suit, he stood tranquil in dismay. The fresh fragrance of the colorful flora or the rush course of the rivulet didn’t appease his wounded heart. In his eyes, through the reflection of his own image on the rousing brook, he saw a desperate soul raving for a blustery time in life.

The most gruesome part is to cross the past that was struck whenever an akin phase traverse through our mind.

In her eyes he saw love. Her eyes were like the pebbles in the Blue Nile. The heart has no reason to be hush. No one has any control over it. The silence or the whispers of yesteryear can never replace memories.

For hours he had this thought cruising across his heart like a lightening, stuck in-between the past and future. And suddenly the clouds split opened and showered slowly. The rain fell slow whilst the man in his black suit walked like a drifter, to a land where many tales were buried. All one need to do is to pick a fable and make it a life. On his way he found the pixie birds nesting for a shelter. Even the birds need a place to rest. They have wings to fly. But that doesn’t mean they own the sky.

Sooner or later the spirits in him will craft a magic. He may be able to carve them for good deeds. Like they say, every emotion rouses to build a good or bad act. All we need to do is to make our own choice and see them ensue.

The heavy rain didn’t stop him from the voyage. His desire is to reach the hills and look down to recall the journey. The journey of the human mind never completes until the eternal desire buds a longing in a dream that we all get once in lifetime. He is walking. He doesn’t want to give up. He did hear a lot of fairy tales. In them he found his love. What we are is what we think. He thought fairy tales had great brainwave. It never had any wretchedness in it. They all lived ever blissfully.

The days and nights passed by… The December flowers withered away… The summer storms lead its way… In the wilderness he ought to find an oasis. And that doesn’t make him relinquish his endeavor. He kept walking… In life, the idea is not to find a shortcut. That doesn’t make anyone smarter than the rest. It’s to reach the destination by experiencing the whole thing. He had faith. Years passed by. Summer has gone by. The rivers dried away… And suddenly the whole life was rafted across to a world he always wished to attain.

Today, it’s a wintry December dawn. The empty patch is not really empty. They have these beautiful lilies shriveled across to affix its beauty. In his black suit, he stood tranquil in dismay. The fresh fragrance of the colorful flora and the rush course of the rivulet did appease his fresh soul. In his eyes he can see thousand stars dazzling across to share and care for one another.

And then, the December rain once again spread its colors. And he walked on to another hills, waving his arms in the air… to a hazy land… because… all he got to do is to keep walking…


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