Humanity by Simran Kaur

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When God created humans
He gave birth to eternity
He created humanity for our survival
Moulding us with love, care and affection
When I was a little girl
I found myself dispelling away from humanity.
For me the priority was myself
Assembling happiness I forgot the dispersing pain around
Later on I learned from my mother what love is
From my father what care really means
My friends taught me what is trust and amity
As I grew up I found myself in embrace of humanity
Beholding me together with the bond of emotions

Many great men sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity
Mahatma Gandhi’s step of non violence made us free
Showing us the path of humanity with ethos
Mother Teresa’s unconditional love and care
Implemented the existence of humanity
Nelson Mandela engendered equality with equanimity
Evading away racism disparities
Humanity sustained nature’s beauty

But what now..?
Questions are uprising into my mind,
Where has that humanity gone?
Why does one human have feeling of hatred for other?
Why there is so much anger?
I found myself depressed in this mean world
I started my search of Humanity
And when I stopped wandering
I looked within myself and found humanity
Tarnished with the bulk of anger, and selfishness

I re-ventilated the windows of humanity within my heart
And felt at peace
Do not search for the humanity
Its within you….

You need to recognize and feel it
It has always been there…

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If Man Loved…

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If anybody asked me who is the most humanitarian man I have known, I would say it is my brother. When he got his first salary from a part time Job, he spent it all on something I had wanted for a long time, keeping not even a rupee  for himself….and he has never reminded me of it. When I went to hostel, he brought me a walkman to pass the seven hours in the bus that I had to spend while travelling to and fro the hostel and it is not something that he remembers. When I was getting married, he brought me diamond earrings and my husband declared him Mad.  When I was going to the new home he brought me a professional synthesizer to work on my interest. When my marriage showed up cracks he flew to my rescue with air tickets for home. I wasted those tickets….but he went back prepared I could see, to come back with tickets at another call All this he did without my asking seeing my likes and my needs. I have never given him back anything ever in comparision I can say, but he never noticed! He never wanted anything in return… When I did want to ask for something that I needed very badly and which would be very expensive, I knew he was the one I could ask, for he would never think twice before saying yes (he didn’t), never keep account of it, never bring it up as a favour he did for me. He does not love money, he loves me…, He is a Man who Loves….

Does it pain a man to part with his money for a loved one? Does the money spent hurt, come up in conversations? Does he remember the expenses incurred? Does the money ever spent show in his eyes, in their manners, in his words, in his disrespect. Does he desire remuneration in some way or other? Does he want to extract returns somehow? Most men do. Men love money over any relation and eventually they spoil the best of relations. If they do spend they will be counting out the favours done, or be angry for unknown reasons. What do they gain? Do they gain love and gratitude for having recounted all the favours? Will the money fill their grave with warmth? Cant money be used to fill a loved one’s heart with warmth, Does not the loved one’s Joy fill his heart with warmth? Isn’t that the remuneration a humantarian lives on?

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Known Language by Syeed Munazah

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In the middle of the street
In the newest of town
Folded my newspaper off.
Drifters ,
of different origin
With different language
And with different sense of signs.
Sigh to world it is.
Certain fall of old lady on arc of the road.
Cars stopped ,
some looking Doctor,
Some helping her to stand by,
Some rushed to bring water
And to all of them she gives her wellness smile.
Shoulders to reside,
She accompanied by some to home.
All in those strangers to each other
talked a language known.
‘HUMANITY’ is our language,
Humans should be just by which we should be known.
With this thought on that street,
That paper I made unfold.
Minutes before I did not know them,
Now I know they were all my own…

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Humanity by Sulekha

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I had written a letter to my six-month old daughter, No she wasn’t a miracle baby and read it only after she was old enough to actually read a letter. You know how it is with first-time moms and their expectations and aspirations for their children. My daughter, Shloka is an extremely intelligent, sensitive girl with a heart of gold. She is studying to be a lawyer and is very good at arguing her case especially with me. Although I hadn’t a clue about her beauty and intelligence then, I had just wanted her to be a good human being and that is what I had asked of my tiny daughter. And I am proud to say that she hasn’t let me down, she turned twenty-two years old this July.

She is an animal lover, champion of the underdog and fiercely protective of her siblings and friends. My house was a mini veterinary clinic during her childhood days and we always had a few visitors of different breeds, shapes and sizes staying with us throughout the year. I remember her bringing home a baby turtle, it was so little and so very scared. Shloka put ‘Speedy’, she named him that because he was so fast, in a plastic tub and looked after it for nearly a year but eventually Speedy died. She and her friends had a burial ceremony for Speedy.

Estelle, our stray kitten also lived with us for a couple of months. Our neighbour’s son had found her, injured and abandoned in a drain but his mother had refused to let him keep her in the house. Shloka had worked her magic with me and very soon, we were proud owners of a sad little, hurt kitten. When Estelle died, I dug a grave in our garden in Kochi and we wrapped her in a shawl, put her in and said a prayer for her soul. Shloka used to put flowers on her grave and her friends understood how much it meant to her and did the same, whenever they came to visit.

Now all the strays on Shloka’s college campus know her weakness for the furry kind and are her loyal followers. She has cute names for them like cappuccino, fox, puppy (because he is very small), and GuardDog. She shares her food with them and tries to instil manners in them too by rewarding good behaviour.

I have written about one aspect of humanity and can go on about the other aspects but my friend Nithin will have my head on a platter if I don’t wrap up my article soon, after all I am guest blogging and have to stick to my allotted time and space J. Just kidding, Nithin is a wonderful human being and that’s the reason he chose this topic to write about.

Humans are a complicated lot and though a majority of them are kind, compassionate and considerate of other people’s feelings, there are a few misguided souls who behave in a manner unlike humans. There was a time when people were considerate of their fellow beings feelings and respected their wishes and didn’t invade their space. Now we are so much, in each other’s faces that we lash out in anger at the slightest provocation. There is no tolerance anymore, no patience or consideration for anybody but self. Man has become a beast, a raging, raving lunatic.

We rape, kill in the name of dowry, murder neighbours for petty reasons, kids kill their parents, throw them out of the house in their old age, lie, cheat and commit all sorts of crimes, wage wars with other nations, why? Our human values are compromised. Human values have sunk so low that they are not visible to the common man standing on the ground. If you look below your heels you might find the trampled, bruised humanity silently imploring you to do something to bring it back into the mainstream of our world and to give it its due. Not all is lost and bleak; there are many who keep the torch of goodness burning in the face of adversity. Humanity lives, against all odds…

Sulekha aka Lucks

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Aborted as soon as conceived,
Born only ’cause it was too late…
People mutter around the little one,
About gold, expenses, burden and fate…

The child blooms and flowers,
But is ravished and called ‘gone bad’…
Withered childhood and ravished youth,
Brings out a life doomed sad…

Viewed as a slut because a child,
Untimely, holds her one hand,
But no one holds her other arm;
Eyes glare in blame, tongues reprimand…

Senility spares no holy souls;
Wrinkled and grey haired, as old age
Doom her to care homes, uncared,
Alone, she lives the last page…

The devils remain in the shadows,
While she silently meets her doom…
Those who should’ve cared, ignores ~
All because she had a womb…

The lament of a forlorn womb
Is one from the womb to the tomb…

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An Ode to Humanity by Sonal Chauhan

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My friends, you have the liberty to call me naïve

As I attempt to write an ode to humanity.


Humanity has fallen from its throne,

It’s been mercilessly strangulated by countless gory deeds.

It now wallows in the mud,

Crawls with the lowest animal;

Shrieking for mercy and praying for love.

It lies helplessly, watching with its glassy eyes;

Humans marching back

Toward the forgotten Darwinian age

That preached “Survival of the fittest!”


“To be or not to be”

Is the burning question asked to us by humanity.

If humans can feel,

Then why are they so cold?

If humans can listen

Then why don’t they do as they’re told?

If humans can speak,

Then why is there silence all around?

If humans can wait,

Then why is there impatience in their deeds?

If humans can really include,

Then why is there loneliness all around?

If humans can love,

Then why is there vicious hatred all around?


My dear friends

You can’t create heaven in hell!

This is all we got,

This planet is our heaven or hell.

It’s high time

That we get back to our basics.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”


Yes, we can retrace our steps;

As the clock is still ticking,

Reminding us that it’s still not too late

To continue with our noble responsibility

Of building a secular world

That believes in global religion of humanity!


My dear friends, let’s join our hands;

To create a new, beautiful world;

That believes in hard core humanity

And preaches the modern mantra

Of having a world

That is “One for all and all for one!”


Ebb & Flow by L.A. Kuehlke

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We stand

On opposite shores

My footprints are washed away

By the waves

Carried to you

As yours are carried to me


We touch

The same water

At the same time

I marvel at this connectedness


And I think of all the people

Who look out over this water with us

Separated by continents

Or states

Or cities


We are

All connected

We have

The same fears

The same desires








Do you feel it, too?


The ebb and flow of the tides

Reminds me of the rhythm of life.


The waves crash and rush toward me

Breathe in.


The water recedes and fades

Breathe out.


We let

Our differences divide us

Instead of joining in ways we are the same

We focus

On what is wrong

Instead of what we can make right



It’s time for a change

Take a lesson from the ocean

Feel the energy that connects us all

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Make a difference where you are

Let the ebb and flow of life carry

This change around the globe


We stand

On opposite shores

My footprints are washed away

By the waves

Carried to you

As yours are carried to me


We are


Do you feel it, too?


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I was crossing the foot bridge of Cubao one day when I noticed an old woman with a heavy luggage struggling to get down. Dodged, nobody seemed to care. On the other side of the street, were young children holding transparent plastic bags and sniffing what was inside… As I took the long ride home, I cried just as the rain poured heavily in the streets. I wasn’t able to do something to help the people I saw that day.

I heard a voice within…


One night, my friend Nithin asked me to write ‘anything’ on humanity. Which aspect should I touch when it had everything in it? Compassion? Forgiveness? Peace? Humility? Love?

I revisited an old article I wrote but the content is as real now as it was a decade ago.

There’s something that we never seem to outgrow.  I call it a “solitary game” we often play when we are afraid to risk, when the “I” is exorbitant to go beyond the self –and there is no room to relate and really love in the process.

More often than not, I see a certain estrangement in our co-existenceAnd so we are both there in parallel play absorbed, like two-year olds, in our own cares and concerns — totally dissociated from the reality that we are related to each other…

Quoting from Henri Nouwen’s book, Reaching Out:

In our world full of strangers, estranged from their own past, culture and country, from their neighbors, friends and family, from their deepest self and their God, we witness a painful search for a hospitable place where life can be found…Our society seems to be increasingly full of fearful, defensive, aggressive people looking anxiously clinging to their own property and inclined to look at their surrounding world with suspicion, always expecting an enemy to suddenly appear and do harm. But still — that is our vocation: to convert the “hostis” into “hospes”, the enemy into a guest and to create the free and fearless space where brotherhood and sisterhood can be formed and fully experienced

Just how much space do we create for the other? Have we become so comfortable by ourselves that we do not feel the ‘need’ for each other? Are we sensitive to the woes of the people we encounter everyday? In a larger scale, do we care what happens to other countries? Do we experience the same struggles as them?

Who says it is easy? It entails a lot of dying—to our passions, desires, wants, self-centeredness. But this is just so that new life may emerge

Everyday, the Lord comes to us to be blessed, broken and shared.  Fr. G. Bini, OFM calls it a ‘Sacrament of Love’ where everyone is invited to do the same…”so that as I have done for you, you should also do” (Jn.15,13). The bread that is the Word, is enfleshed, broken down to be shared in a concrete form. We are no longer

strangers to each other. We become brothers and sisters to one Father—regardless of race, color, creed, beliefs.

The bonding force of the universe is love ( T. Keating ). “As I have loved you, so also should you love one another” (Jn 13,34).

What holds the world in place right now are the very people who still believe in love, in sharing life — people who are hopeful amidst a culture of death, those who by some strange way see the light in the tiny crevices of the wall that keeps us apart. And what of the other side of the wall?

The wall is in our mind. We hold the key.


“Woman, behold your son…”








“Behold your mother…(Jn. 19,27)











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Let us play a role… by Poet Love

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Wipe the tears, toss the fears,

Spread a smile, bestow happiness,

Our anger flares to violence;

Yet we demand justice,

This world is a stage where we are cast

Play a role of humanity…


Sense the right not the wrong

Judge the right not the wrong

Help the poor, banish malice

Disperse the darkness and raise the sun

This world is a stage where we are cast

Play a role of humanity..


Give the courage, confer esteem

Slash pessimism, revamp optimism

Hold hands together stand unite

Show moral justice, spread the aroma of love

This world is a stage where we are cast

Play a role of humanity..


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Humanity by Kriti Mukherjee

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Humanity – what does it really mean? Well quite literally, in my small mass of gray matter, it translates into being human. But what is being human? Is it being the most cruel creation in this earth? The most intelligent? The most capricious or having a heart that cares? Our species really is a bunch of contradictions that confuse and create a hell of a lot of imbalance in this world. And proverbs like ‘Man is harder than rock and more fragile than an egg’ does not help one bit in the balancing act!

Even the kindest one of us can be insanely cruel! The fact that we need to cloth ourselves is cruel – some creature somewhere has to give its life so we stay warm or fashionable, so what if we have not spent one day in our lives without doing some kind of charity or the other. The creature is dead! It died not knowing why it was supposed to and who its life/death is going to benefit. But hey, before I start sounding like a crazy social activist let it be known I am a non vegetarian who loves animals (when they are alive too)!!! I cry when I see a slaughter house but I love crispy fried lamb in green chillies! Go figure! Imagine if we are capable of confusing ourselves to this extent what we must be doing to the universal order!

The likes of me take immense comfort in books written by authors like Kahlil Gibran, which teach us how to be respectful about the meat you consume and explains how that same meat then lives in us, through us. Well maybe there are many interpretations of that chapter but I take comfort in my personal interpretation of it and feel evolved in ‘humanity’!

The likes of me also wonder whether we were chosen to be the privileged lot with the mighty opportunity to be humans just so that we could make the best of our lives. Eat the best, look the best, make the best decisions and lead the best while we last. Maybe it came as a reward because we have no clue what the tragedies in the insect world look like. Maybe we flip roles in this universe, so that all (with or without the knowledge of humanity) get a fair chance to be cruel and then dumb. Maybe we, with all our vanities, are actually the subject of a great joke. My creator alone knows what is to become of me when I die – he knows whether I will just fade away into the wind and live in nature – a free spirit – or whether I will be born an ant to be trampled upon the very day I was born.

The entire thesis and anti- thesis of this subject may very well continue till I actually become that ant. Till then I think I will live this life to the fullest and do the best I can to give us humans a good name. That is what then I will call my personal humanity.

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