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Aborted as soon as conceived,
Born only ’cause it was too late…
People mutter around the little one,
About gold, expenses, burden and fate…

The child blooms and flowers,
But is ravished and called ‘gone bad’…
Withered childhood and ravished youth,
Brings out a life doomed sad…

Viewed as a slut because a child,
Untimely, holds her one hand,
But no one holds her other arm;
Eyes glare in blame, tongues reprimand…

Senility spares no holy souls;
Wrinkled and grey haired, as old age
Doom her to care homes, uncared,
Alone, she lives the last page…

The devils remain in the shadows,
While she silently meets her doom…
Those who should’ve cared, ignores ~
All because she had a womb…

The lament of a forlorn womb
Is one from the womb to the tomb…

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  1. simran kaur

    The disgraceful incident that made her life blemished forever…
    Now no one is ready to accept or even not ready to support her!
    She is all alone left with regret of past!!

    • Sana Rose

      Thank you Simran. It is indeed very sad…

  2. Sayanti

    amazing poem… i had goose bumps reading it! once again sana, ur poetic skills are at its best ! loved it 🙂

    • Sana Rose

      Thanks Sayanti… 🙂 I am glad you liked it…

  3. Alpana Jaiswal

    You made me cry with this one…sad to say that this is still a common practice…I wonder when the outlook of people will change…very well written.

    • Sana Rose

      Thank you Alpana, there will be a day, everything will change from the state of pathetic being…

  4. melissa

    I think the womb is the most beautiful part of a woman’s anatomy. It houses, nourishes, protects LIFE itself. It is the most generous part of a woman as it creates such a big space in order to support two people. It is a power house of energy.

    While it is true, that darkness lurks in the form of abortion…it would also be nice to write poetry on light… on love. People need hope and I think while writers make a magnificent piece on pain, it is also redeeming to write on positive things.

    I laud you for your effort to bring about reality…It reminds me of Rachel’s lament…

    • Sana Rose

      Thank you all for the wonderful comments.
      Melissa, I do write happy poems, but wistfulness come even to that.. 🙂

      Like the prologue in my book says,
      “I never wanted to be a sad poet,
      But that’s what I always seem to get…
      Though sadness makes the sweetest song,
      It’s joy unbound that my poems long…”

      But too many sunny writes would make me a blind poet. I just tend to react to what is happening too much around me. This poem was written to sum up an article regarding the highly epidemic foeticides and crimes against women. I had to do something. 🙂

      Thank you dear friend…


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