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If anybody asked me who is the most humanitarian man I have known, I would say it is my brother. When he got his first salary from a part time Job, he spent it all on something I had wanted for a long time, keeping not even a rupee  for himself….and he has never reminded me of it. When I went to hostel, he brought me a walkman to pass the seven hours in the bus that I had to spend while travelling to and fro the hostel and it is not something that he remembers. When I was getting married, he brought me diamond earrings and my husband declared him Mad.  When I was going to the new home he brought me a professional synthesizer to work on my interest. When my marriage showed up cracks he flew to my rescue with air tickets for home. I wasted those tickets….but he went back prepared I could see, to come back with tickets at another call All this he did without my asking seeing my likes and my needs. I have never given him back anything ever in comparision I can say, but he never noticed! He never wanted anything in return… When I did want to ask for something that I needed very badly and which would be very expensive, I knew he was the one I could ask, for he would never think twice before saying yes (he didn’t), never keep account of it, never bring it up as a favour he did for me. He does not love money, he loves me…, He is a Man who Loves….

Does it pain a man to part with his money for a loved one? Does the money spent hurt, come up in conversations? Does he remember the expenses incurred? Does the money ever spent show in his eyes, in their manners, in his words, in his disrespect. Does he desire remuneration in some way or other? Does he want to extract returns somehow? Most men do. Men love money over any relation and eventually they spoil the best of relations. If they do spend they will be counting out the favours done, or be angry for unknown reasons. What do they gain? Do they gain love and gratitude for having recounted all the favours? Will the money fill their grave with warmth? Cant money be used to fill a loved one’s heart with warmth, Does not the loved one’s Joy fill his heart with warmth? Isn’t that the remuneration a humantarian lives on?

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  1. Poet Love

    NJ this a beautiful theme and wonderful way you brought this up small things you mention is the reality of life. Thank you for sharing this with us <3

  2. sweta

    that touched my heart…long live the brothers in this world…god bless all…in todays day n time…i feel money does spoil a lot of beautiful relations…n for some money spent ovr the loved ones hardly comes up in talks for them all that matters is love…

  3. Portia Burton

    Oh,you are so fortunate to have such a wonderful person as brother!I don’t have a brother or sister,so can’t say any such things,but yes,I’ve a girlfriend who behaves ditto and sometimes chucks out large wad of money just to satisfy my whims without batting an eyelid and never mentioning about it.It is me who has to keep count of her payouts!she knows exactly what i need actually and sometimes puts her foot down on my foolish shopping,even in front of everybody in the shop!Such a person is really an asset to your life!

  4. Alpana Jaiswal

    I do hope u continue to share a wonderful relationship with your brother.At times money does show in relationships,it might be the closest ones also…I don’t give those relationships any name,they just don’t deserve it. Money..it can turn the best of people at times.
    I love your take on Humanity Jerly…today I feel extremely blessed to have read so many insightful posts on NJ’s place….it has enriched my mind and soul…

  5. Heena

    Jerly superb one i loved it a lot so touching and you are really so lucky to have a brother like him god bless you both, keep penning will always love to read them!

    Loads of love and wishes,

  6. Sayanti

    aahhhh …dt was too many bitter- truth questions raised at one time… humanity is sold off by many… but in reality it cannot be, coz it is what resides in us… if we sell it, we sell ourselves…unfortunately, most of us realize this truth at the end of their lives … very well written !

  7. melissa

    I could totally relate as it was my brother who gave me life many times.

    He introduce me to the world of literature and books and gave me a job. He was always there to support and guide me… and the fact is, he’s two years younger than I am…

    With regards to money, it’s difficult to dwell on such topic. We don’t have as much but we live day to day… It isn’t everything and yet we can’t survive without it.

    Touching humanity’s side on strong bonds and relationships, I love this side which connects us… ‘blood is thicker than water’…

  8. jerly

    Thanks for finding the post meaningful:)

  9. shelley

    …how true .. coz its a special bond ..how beautifully written as i know i too have the most wonderful bro’ in this world.. who loves me with no returns….so touching.. strong bonds.. but .other side of humanity….money is core root of all relationships..the ugly side of the coin .but then its reality of life but to what extent….but does love exceeds above all……
    beautifully written..


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