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Across the dale lay my love in scarlet jewels. Her eyes, like a princess. To cross the path one must cross the wooden bridge which hung so low, yet sturdy.

I wonder what makes us think – or act. Why one has to bleed so much with his woe? No one knows. It’s good to write. But to feel – No! So you think you can write without actually feeling it from the bottom of your heart? Not really. I wrote a couple of lines that says about loneliness. Well, it may not be related to what you feel right now. It may not relate to any of your friends. But when you read it, you could feel it. Everybody has experienced it. You can deny it with all your self-worth. But why? It’s not a big deal, really. To me, the best quality is to express. If you are a singer, sing away your blues. If you are a poet, write away your woes. It matters. It feels good. But to sing or write, one must need serenity with his/her mind. If not, the subject that you portray will be lifeless. Alright, N J! Enough’s enough. You got to stop giving away your philosophy. Go give it elsewhere. I guess I know what you might be thinking right now. I don’t want to drag it.

So.., I hope you all are having a good day. I want to mention a few of my favorite songs on this note. I really have no clue, but I guess I would love to hear what you like to share it with me. By the way, anybody in here like fairytales? Who doesn’t! Yeah, true. All of us like fairytales. My grandfather used to narrate a lot to me. But again, 25 years ago. Long time, but memories never die. Do they? Nope.

Here we go,

1. Shine on you crazy diamond – This is one song which inspires me every time when I am low. I am sure there will be many Floyd’ians on this page. I hope I will meet some of them sooner. Remember when you were young; you shone like the sun… It talks about childhood’s dream. It talks more than that… Won’t you give a chance to hear them sing? Oh well…

2. Matilda Mother – There was a king who ruled the land… His majesty was in command… With silver eyes, the scarlet eagle… Oh mother, tell me more… I will for sure live with these songs… They have so much life… So much passion… Ah, well… I don’t like to kill your time… I just don’t want to share more songs as well… Time is precious… Thank you… Thank you… for reading it… Let me know if you have a song or two for me to hear…

And if you are still on this page, reading this note, here are the lines that I wrote about loneliness… And before I stop, let me tell you; keep smiling, because you are special my friend…

I’m not alone

But I feel so lonely

I don’t want to know the reason

Because it bleeds

So I let my mind ramble

Here and there for peace

For I know I’m so nigh

Towards my angel who smiles

Across the dale lay my love in scarlet jewels. Her eyes, like a princess. To cross the path one must cross the wooden bridge which hung so low, yet sturdy. And to reach there, one must act. He must trust. And then, everything else will fall in place. It’s time to go… To cross that bridge… So I say, Shine On!

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  1. Iti

    Loneliness always comes with a reason, sometimes we know but we deny…..if it brings pain it also brings peace, its silent n beautiful too….Trust is very important for everything… n time well captured in your words


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