Thursday, November 11, 2011 . 18 comments . Posted in General

The dry leaves on this empty ground slipped and flew away… All that we needed was the heart to move on, and to set our pace against the fading time.

The clock was ticking… Each candle in that room blazed to brighten the dark holes of the walls. You knew you were right when you gave away your thoughts and stepped onto the stage to perform.  It was a force that guided me.

I saw my life as a flaming candle. It gave light to the dark space, forfeiting its own life. All of us did it to one or the other at some point in life.

Remember, when somebody is bruised and broken, having no one beside him to talk or smile to, knowing his shadow is not moving in the darkness, he discerns himself more than anyone. The amount of love he gives is more powerful than he expects to receive. I have had that feeling. When I felt it, there was a voice echoing in my heart, which said, “It’s not yet over.”

It was not yet over… It was the beginning…

The fog floated above the hill, aside the path that I walked, and formed symbols from my past. There was no shuffling or walking backwards.

All that I had to do was move forward… Face it… Fearlessly!

The dry leaves on this empty ground beckoned my life… It has been said and seen that there is no eternal greenery. But it is factual that everything returns to its aged reflection, like the season bridges, its colorful visions.

Today, I am content with the illusions of life. The dream that I weave in my sleep has reached so far, slithering away from unknown fears and plights. When I turn back and see my life, old photographs of fun filled days in a village that I grew up in, melodious chants of nameless birds, and the playgrounds where strange faces met and greeted is all that I cherish…

Today, I am smiling for all the hard days I crossed… Because it’s not yet over… It’s the beginning… For you know you are here for a reason… And the poetry book, Aftermath, will be published in 3-weeks time… I sincerely thank and love you all for the kind support…

PS: I apologize for announcing earlier that the book’s release date was March 2012. I received a phone call from my publishing house late last night, and the book will be available in 3-weeks time.