The Last Carnival

Tuesday, March 3, 2012 . 3 comments . Posted in General

So slowly when the waves on this shore lose its colour, I would stand still and see the distant sun gliding over the faraway peak. Every day is the same with many a reason to freeze my brooding mind.

I rant.

Today the sun set earlier than yesterday. The clouds wrapped the serene sea in lime.

I had the most stunning environs at my indigenous. The days when I walked miles to inundate my mind with that heart throbbing scenic nature, I habitually asked for a reason to leave that place what actually pleased me.

Today I have a reason to smile. Because I lived. You hear echoes in a forlorn land. You may also know the beauty of such a place. They are enchanting.

Time flies. Days fade. Nights linger. And they stay steady for the everlasting grandeur of yet another dawn.  I do care for myself. For I treat my friends, as ‘myself’. I rant. When the shallow path is full of stones and thorns, I stay white as snow.

For you may want to weave another tale from it, to become hard as a stone.

Today I will gladly rant. Once I knew there was a song swimming deep within my heart. Who can forget or forgive if he does not know the ultimate truth in life? And the truth is ‘Death’. No one can escape from it. The reverie that I infrequently receive is of rough paths of a fruitful garden. In the end everything changes. Everyone evades to another space. All that I see is the day with trumpets blowing across the grand hills. And that day will raise my dying spirits to breathe slickly.

Today the sun set earlier than yesterday…

Now the sailors, sailing away with their burden… And the photographers capturing the sight to recall a day like this. When the crescent moon smiles at them, won’t you set your heart against time?

Won’t you paint your pains with snow?

If not now, never!


In the end, love and peace conquers it all…

Thursday, March 3, 2012 . 3 comments . Posted in General

He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous. He was rich with a heart to love. He was admired by a soul to care.

There was nobody to look after him. There was hardly anyone to think of him, until he passed away. And the world spoke all good characteristics about him.

Is it worth it?

An eye pictures the beauty of everything at its sight. Oh dear, only a heart can store them in the shelf of memories…

How far will your legs take you through? All you will have possession of is a six feet grave. Yet you crave for many more of lifeless stones.


I beckon the days that I once lived in a small village. Each streetlamps had its beauty. It used to flicker. But trespassers never had any fear to walk in the dark. They adored each other. In my words, “Nobody liked to be alone”.

Yet we find many lost souls. They are there to enlighten each of us.

But to give away the light, they forfeit. Who is a real frontrunner, anyway? The one who has everything, but lives a life for another one? I know of a person who lived all his life that way. The Good Samaritan. He helped the mankind. He loved all beings. In return, they crucified him. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. Everything and everybody hurts. Eventually the true spirited mortals will expect nothing in return, like the Good Samaritan and live a life for another one.

That’s what true love amounts to. To live a life for another one. He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous. He was dear to me. I remember him. I can never forget him. Because he is my *****.

When we are still breathing, battling for our dreams… Pause for a moment… Think for a while… And see if anyone around us makes us feel restful. Oh dear, he/she is your angel… And you can return your love only when that person is alive.

Do it now!! For tomorrow is not for you!


The Fadeout

Thursday, March 3, 2012 . 4 comments . Posted in General

You cannot possibly think like me. But you can surely act and pull me transversely anywhere you wish to. In disparity to what I put forth in the earlier verse, where do you laze in the dark? How could you invariably pretend to be my friend when you leave me all alone in the dark?

Last lonely day I walked above the hills to stretch my hands against the gentle breeze to feel myself light. So I say these beautiful lines to you, “Everything you do… Every simple deed you perform… Everything you say will surely leave an impact on others to ponder… When they recall… they will know what you meant to them.”

Who am I to converse when I am yet to ascertain the role I got to carry out? I cannot keep pretending. I cannot wound my inner self to prolong anything I used to do for another smile. I need to relate with the people, circumstances or purpose. There is a song in my heart. That song is not to keep myself content. But to give wings for my dreams and fly far to touch those broken hearts. I know… I am…

Tonight, as always he left… Leaving me alone in the dark… Softly you whisper, “Soon I’ll be back…”

Tonight, the roses at my backyard will be drenched with the light fall of summer rain. Every translucent object in the sky shines more than ever. They spread a vivid elation to knock upon my doors and set my heart against all likelihood.

You cannot possibly think like me. But you can surely act and pull me anywhere you wish to. But where do you laze tonight? Where do you wander in this dark?

But I know you will be back… When the sun shoves through my lucid pane… When the rays rub my soft skin… I know… You’ll… My forlorn ‘Shadow’…