In the end, love and peace conquers it all…

Thursday, March 3, 2012 . 3 comments . Posted in General

He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous. He was rich with a heart to love. He was admired by a soul to care.

There was nobody to look after him. There was hardly anyone to think of him, until he passed away. And the world spoke all good characteristics about him.

Is it worth it?

An eye pictures the beauty of everything at its sight. Oh dear, only a heart can store them in the shelf of memories…

How far will your legs take you through? All you will have possession of is a six feet grave. Yet you crave for many more of lifeless stones.


I beckon the days that I once lived in a small village. Each streetlamps had its beauty. It used to flicker. But trespassers never had any fear to walk in the dark. They adored each other. In my words, “Nobody liked to be alone”.

Yet we find many lost souls. They are there to enlighten each of us.

But to give away the light, they forfeit. Who is a real frontrunner, anyway? The one who has everything, but lives a life for another one? I know of a person who lived all his life that way. The Good Samaritan. He helped the mankind. He loved all beings. In return, they crucified him. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. Everything and everybody hurts. Eventually the true spirited mortals will expect nothing in return, like the Good Samaritan and live a life for another one.

That’s what true love amounts to. To live a life for another one. He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous. He was dear to me. I remember him. I can never forget him. Because he is my *****.

When we are still breathing, battling for our dreams… Pause for a moment… Think for a while… And see if anyone around us makes us feel restful. Oh dear, he/she is your angel… And you can return your love only when that person is alive.

Do it now!! For tomorrow is not for you!


  1. Chetan

    I agree completely… We always hold back what we have to say or what good feeling we have for them for one or another reason… but someday we realize that what we had to return to them or give them is just left with us… because time has taken them quite far.. and we are left with all that grief.. of not giving.. of not caring… and we don’t be able to forgive ourselves and we are left with permanent scar…

  2. shelley

    ..its so touching..u filled my eyes with my tear’s.. me chocked up ..not because u don’t value…but it reminded of some one…….love is always so whimsical ,,,coz when we are all around..we don’t say how much the person means to us… just don’t know what to say Nithin..another soul touching ….work…
    ……….<3 to u always ..god bless u..rise & ..shine always..


    why we alwz do ths whn we already knw th truth………i nvr understand ths ……..but ths peice is th best ……. touching 🙂


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