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Thursday, March 3, 2012 . 4 comments . Posted in General

You cannot possibly think like me. But you can surely act and pull me transversely anywhere you wish to. In disparity to what I put forth in the earlier verse, where do you laze in the dark? How could you invariably pretend to be my friend when you leave me all alone in the dark?

Last lonely day I walked above the hills to stretch my hands against the gentle breeze to feel myself light. So I say these beautiful lines to you, “Everything you do… Every simple deed you perform… Everything you say will surely leave an impact on others to ponder… When they recall… they will know what you meant to them.”

Who am I to converse when I am yet to ascertain the role I got to carry out? I cannot keep pretending. I cannot wound my inner self to prolong anything I used to do for another smile. I need to relate with the people, circumstances or purpose. There is a song in my heart. That song is not to keep myself content. But to give wings for my dreams and fly far to touch those broken hearts. I know… I am…

Tonight, as always he left… Leaving me alone in the dark… Softly you whisper, “Soon I’ll be back…”

Tonight, the roses at my backyard will be drenched with the light fall of summer rain. Every translucent object in the sky shines more than ever. They spread a vivid elation to knock upon my doors and set my heart against all likelihood.

You cannot possibly think like me. But you can surely act and pull me anywhere you wish to. But where do you laze tonight? Where do you wander in this dark?

But I know you will be back… When the sun shoves through my lucid pane… When the rays rub my soft skin… I know… You’ll… My forlorn ‘Shadow’…


  1. Heena

    Another brilliant theme to ponder on NJ.. Excellent !!

  2. Manisha Bhatia



  3. sweety

    I dont think when I read your stuff because at that time i’m lost in another world:)

  4. Chetan

    I don’t know whether I know this or its my mind pretending to know… but it seems I have seen this or been through!! 🙂


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