Well then tell them “Stop”!

Monday, June 6, 2012 . 3 comments . Posted in General

I know what I do. The red bulb in this dark room gives more reason to smile. Let us roll. Let us sink in the deep.

You know what I do. You know where I go from here? We need the electric glitter in us. One shouldn’t stop and point their finger at us and ask “Where do you go from here?”.

Well then tell them “stop”.

Your life is your gift. It belongs to you. The moment the power of external body interferes in you, stay away, stay alive, and stay awake!

You know you are the one who got to control your life. Well then tell them “stop”. I got to stop. I need to leave from here. But it’s going to be a short trip. I’ll be back…

I should… I need to…

Until then love and peace

— N J


  1. Sunitha.C.T

    True words of wisdom…..And when its emphasised by a wise one, its definitely worth following them….. and even more worth waiting for more.


    great note … love & peace to u too . Take Care 🙂

    • jixm_china



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