When Dandelions Fly

Saturday, September 9, 2012 . 1 comment » . Posted in General

Alone I walked through this dream

Alone I will fly away…

Late last night when the candles lit,

my weary eyes blazed in the mirror.

I seldom smile before me…

For my eyes could never hide tears…

So I spurned the forlorn days

and unbolted the doors of reverie

and walked a mile through the wilds,

with the winter girl’s hymn in the woods.

My gray hair swam in the cold gust…

I turned and looked,

and wandered here and there…

I heard her echoes from distant hills

“Cross the stream,

Your tears; the river,

Let the candles rage,

and see the sky reflect

the shine of thy smile”

Dry leaves beneath me flipped and flew

The dandelions fled with its golden wings.

I could hear the voice so nigh

I could hear the words so nigh

At the end of the Dale,

When the stream basked at sight,

Where it lay with its startling shine,

I stood and smiled…

Forgoing all my bitter tales…


Before Night Falls

Friday, September 9, 2012 . 12 comments . Posted in General

It is raining outside

Baby, it’s not just your eyes

Look, see the light

See the blue

Your world is not dark

Your day is not done

There will be many faces

There will be many phases

Let the song of your soul, soak

All your hidden worries

All you’re, a form of mud

There will be many phases

There will be many faces




But, babe, we will die one day

Like the rest of them

And if the smile in the pictures

Keeps you awake

And happy,

Baby, let us smile once again

Look, see the bridge

It’s glowing

Under the moonlight

Let it remain for another hour

Let it remain until I reach to you


You got to shine

Some people are meant to fade

Some people are meant to hate

Some scenes are meant to ache

Come on,

On more time,

Let the light wrap your face

And the rains tickle your pain



We will rove there…

We shall meet there…