When Dandelions Fly

Saturday, September 9, 2012 . 1 comment » . Posted in General

Alone I walked through this dream

Alone I will fly away…

Late last night when the candles lit,

my weary eyes blazed in the mirror.

I seldom smile before me…

For my eyes could never hide tears…

So I spurned the forlorn days

and unbolted the doors of reverie

and walked a mile through the wilds,

with the winter girl’s hymn in the woods.

My gray hair swam in the cold gust…

I turned and looked,

and wandered here and there…

I heard her echoes from distant hills

“Cross the stream,

Your tears; the river,

Let the candles rage,

and see the sky reflect

the shine of thy smile”

Dry leaves beneath me flipped and flew

The dandelions fled with its golden wings.

I could hear the voice so nigh

I could hear the words so nigh

At the end of the Dale,

When the stream basked at sight,

Where it lay with its startling shine,

I stood and smiled…

Forgoing all my bitter tales…

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  1. Deepti Singh

    wow… forgoing all bitter tales with a smile is very tough, it really hurts somewhere deep inside… anyway beautiful lines 🙂


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