Light That Never Fades

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Engulfed by the power of your kindness! I wish I could spin a dice and choose a number for you. Perhaps, the best – among the rest! You know you have come a long way. Sometimes it’s hard for us to swim against the tide. We are left with no other choice, but to try. And we try, try, try, and try… Sometimes we find it hard to read the ache that we see in others. Their eyes are soaked with memories… Some of them wish to relive… Some just want to bury them aside.

I know you feel a little lost. You do not like to talk about it. You think it’s not the best idea to open the closed chapters in life. Well, I feel it’s good to talk, take a chance, try to learn and move on. We live in a world where clowns are given the power to rule us. We live in a world where fake plastic trees are adorned with stars and lights for carnivals. We live in a world where the kind of love that we give isn’t enough for a heartfelt smile. We give, give, give, and give… Sometimes it’s all about silence with no surprises… Sometimes it’s all about the song that we listen to… Well, we say or at least think “Oh! Man, he is bleeding inside…” It’s probably we could feel the pain… We could relate with his ache… And then you may add another line by saying “Such a sweet soul… Who must have hurt him…? Who must have…?” All of us have done that… You may say “Look, there, there… Look at them… Look at him… her… Oh, no…” Well, if the fingers are pointed against the mirror, these questions will have an impact. I do that quite often… Especially on a tired night, when I find it hard to sleep, broken by the scenes from my memory, I get up… trade a smile… and say, “It’s you who needs to change…”

Engulfed by the power of your love! I wish I could spin a dice and choose a number for you. Perhaps, the best – among the rest! But I’m just an ordinary man who’s trying to polish myself through my words. The best that we could do to each other is, pray! Someday, when we find it hard to see the light, inside a tunnel, the only thing which could get you out is prayer. Remember, the power of your mind is mightier than the hurdles that you crossed. Let the light in us brighten this dark world.

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  1. sandra

    sometyms the best & worst moments
    happen wen yuh least dun expect it..
    which is why at certain times we
    call life unexpected..
    wer its good & bad..
    once again yuh proved. yuh light up people with
    what yuh feel n write..


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