Give Me A Smile

Wednesday, May 5, 2013 . 4 comments . Posted in General

I have forgotten the sunset so soon. It appeared so bright to me. So soon it left me alone. But I believe that it will come again tomorrow. Sometimes I wish if I could lend my hand to someone in need. There are many faces dragging me away. Some of them just need a listening ear. Some of them just want to share their bliss. All I need is a sensitive heart who could feel the power of my words. There are so many things in my wish list. I haven’t really started chasing any of them. As a child I believed in the pull of magnet. Things don’t come to us, until we take a step towards it. These are the times where millions and billions of activities (mostly mundane) happen in our daily lives. Everybody around me is looking out for something and someone new in life. I am yet to refine my mind. I am in a fix to choose the wide opened doors that leads me to a sanctuary. There are many paths in the picture to break through. Freedom is an expensive gift. It’s not for sale (unfortunately).

The land that I’ve come from never had sorrows. The art of the heart is known to only those who had been through thorns and stones.

Let the sun rise again, lest if the rain never pours down. To anticipate any is the true form of living. For you never know what tomorrow may bring to you.